Friday 15 April 2011

Abduction First Trailer, Tom Hanks News

Taylor Lautner hits the bigs in his post-Twilight career with the high octane thriller, Abduction, from director John Singleton. Lautner takes on his first solo lead role as Nathan, a young man who uncovers a terrible secret about his birth when he finds his baby photo on a missing persons website. Co-starring Lily Collins, Sigourney Weaver and Alfred Molina, Abduction will hit theaters September 23. It looks exciting, sort of a twist on The Bourne Identity.

I may not be a Team Jacob gal, but I am a huge fan of John Singleton. He has a unique vision that boasts such films as Boyz N The Hood and Four Brothers. What do you think?

In other movie news, Tom Hanks has signed on to the latest Wachowski brothers' project, Cloud Atlas. Based on the visionary novel from David Mitchell, Atlas is an extraordinary tale weaving together six separate, but loosely tied narratives. A nineteenth century Pacific Ocean voyage, a composer who insinuates himself into the home of a mad genius, a publisher with a dangerous best-seller, a journalist investigating a nuclear plant and a cloned human created for slave labor. These stories are arranged around a sixth, a dystopian tale of a post-apocalyptic island and center on the themes of how people enslave one another and how those in power rewrite history. The Wachowskis have been developing this project along with Run Lola Run director Tom Tykwer. I can only imagine what sort of character Hanks will play in this fantastical film.


FilmMattic said...

I really enjoy John Singleton's sensibility. Glad you mentioned Boyz in the Hood. I loved that film as a kid, and I still enjoy it today. It's sharp portrayal of urban plight (gentrification and the black experience) is fascinating. To think that Singleton made that film so young is a marveling revelation. Premise sounds interesting. For Singleton's sake, I might have to give the film and Lautner a go (despite the Twilight stench).

And Cloud Atlas sounds awesome. Just re-watched Catch Me If You Can over the weekend. I love Tom Hanks!

Unknown said...

@Matt I can't believe Singleton was so young either. Boyz continues to impress me today. I like the premise for Abduction and Singleton is my only reason for seeing it, though I am a fan of Weaver and Molina.

Catch Me If You Can is a great movie and I think I might have to do a rewatch myself.

FilmMattic said...

Mel, tell the Model Movie Guy that I'm awarding him the "Versatile Blogger Award." Come pick it up @ my blog, Demps!

Unknown said...

Will do, Matt. Thank you very much on his behalf. :)

Anonymous said...

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