Wednesday 27 June 2012

RIP Nora Ephron

I normally don't talk about the passing of celebrities here, but Nora Ephron was definitely one of the most groundbreaking women in Hollywood. Writer, director, producer, actress, essayist, journalist... she did it all. She made a name for herself in the Boys Club of Hollywood and cut a wider trail for those women who came after.

Nora wrote fifteen screenplays, including Heartburn (based on her novel), Silkwood, When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, Michael, You've Got Mail and most recently, Julie & Julia. She also co-authored the Drama Desk Award winning play, Love, Loss and What I Wore.

She directed eight films, writing the screenplays for seven of them. When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless In Seattle and Silkwood were all nominated for Best Original Screenplay. In addition to her work in film, Nora was also an accomplished author. She wrote five essay collections, including the NY Times bestsellers I Feel Bad About My Neck And Other Reflections On Being A Woman and A Wallflower At the Orgy. 

Nora is an iconic creative spirit who redefined the genre of romantic comedy. She inspired countless women, including yours truly with her work. 

She is survived by her husband, author and screenwriter Nicholas Pileggi of Goodfellas renown.

Saturday 23 June 2012

It's Here!! The First Trailer For Django Unchained

OMG, my friends! I hate using that expression, makes me sound like a giddy tweener, but hey, this is the trailer for Tarantino's new flick, Django Unchained,  and I am fourteen year old Justin Bieber fan excited. So no more talking, let's get to watching.

How epic was that? I love the look. Leo rocks it as Calvin Candie and well Christoph and Jamie, there are no words for how incredibly badass they are. I know I am going to be first in line this Christmas. So, honestly, what do you all think? Pedal to the metal in a muscle car awesome? Who cares? Or I'd rather have my eyes removed than watch another Tarantino flick? Talk to me.

Tuesday 19 June 2012

Battleship: Light It Up, Baby!

When I first heard Hasbro was doing a live action film based on the board game from my childhood, I was like, WTF? Seriously, how you gonna bring plastic ships and pegs to life and more importantly, why?  I could not even conceive of anything unless it was some World War II tale because hey, battleships have long since been retired from the high seas.Was I in for a rush...

There is nothing I love more than a hard rockin, full-throttle, guns blazin' good time movie and Battleship served it up in spades. It had all the requisite components for an epic thrill ride. You got your screwed up protag who has to rise to the occasion like good heroes are supposed to do, you got your world threat, your hot eye candy, your spectacular f/x, your AC/DC tunes and, AND you got your true life heroes coming aboard for the ride to make this look extra cool.

If you have not turned off your brains by fifteen minutes in, I strongly suggest you do so.  There's not much to ruminate on, Battleship is built for action, not thinking. It takes a cast of typical action fare characters, throws in a few unexpected people, adds in a dash of subplot, then lets it rain fire and destruction. It's not particularly inventive, but it's high octane fun. The f/x are hardcore, mind-blowing sequences that will leave you going "hell yeah."

My fave part, though, is how they actually brought the battleship to Battleship. The USS Missouri hasn't looked this awesome in decades. I once stood on the deck of the Mighty Mo before she became a museum. And what a ship she is. I was living in Seattle while she was moored at the Bremerton shipyards along with  another Iowa class battleship, the USS Iowa. I can tell you that there are few experiences that compare with walking the deck of a warship. My memories made this movie just a little bit more kick ass.

So if you are looking for nothing but a good time, check your brains at the door, indulge in a huge popcorn and have yourself a hellagood time with Battleship.