About Movie411

The Movie411 is a blog started by it's main author, Dempsey Sanders in August 2010. A keen movie lover, Dempsey writes reviews based on recent movies to hit the big screen and also posts gossip and rumours on movies that are yet to be released.
The Movie411 covers most genres with no specific favourite. It is also keen to support fellow bloggers of the movie world by promoting them on the blog and allowing different guest writers every month from late October 2010.

Ever fast expanding, The Movie411 promises to deliver fair reviews and honest opinions on an exceptional standard. We will also strive to find fact about rumours on upcomming movies whenever possible allowing our readers to enjoy and trust our gossip posts.

On March 1st 2011, Melissa Bradley, Editor of Melissa's Imaginarium, joined TheMovie411 as co-editor with Dempsey, they were also joined by contributing writer Ali Saeedian of Dark-Blue-Jeans.
Christian James (professional film critic) is also a regular writer on the site.


The Movie411 will continuesly display upto date posts and reviews on the latest and upcomming movies to hit the big screen and DVD. There is no specific schedule for posting, our writers will only post something when they feel something is worth posting about. And will always allow comments and feedback on each post.

Comments and Feedback

The Movie411 loves comments and feedback as we value our readers thoughts on our posts and the subject written about. We encourage blog promotion, we all have to start somewhere, and find that a reader leaving a comment has the best chance of other readers checking them out if they use the name/url option when leaving a comment. People just leaving a link on the comment section to their own blog without writing a comment on a post will just have their comment deleted.

Guest Writers

Although Dempsey Sanders is the main author of The Movie411, as of late October 2010, the blog will invite guest writers to write their own reviews on the site every month. These will of course all be movie related that fit into the blogs criteria. This is a great chance of working with other blogs and gaining a wider opinion on different movies from different authors and also promoting different writers blogs.

TheMovie411 Blog Awards

TheMovie411 Blog Awards is an annual blog event where other blogs can join and nominate their favourite movie blogs in a selection of categories. Started as a 'one-off'' in Septeber 2010, the blog awards became very popular with hundreds of movie blogs participating. Dempsey Sanders then announced that TheMovie411 Blog Awards would become an annual event.