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You can Email TheMovie411 or blog owner Dempsey Sanders with any questions, recommendations or any other queries to the following e-mail address. Please make sure you Leave your name and the appropriate e-mail you want us to respond with. You can also read our FAQ below for more information.

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I am a movie director and I would like to submit my movie for concideration and review by theMovie411, would this be possible and where can I send it?

TheMovie411 is now recieving regular requests by movie directors, writers, producers and advertisers to review their movie. Our site mainly reviews box office hits at the cinema though we welcome directors and smaller production companies to submit their movie for review.
However we do recieve many requests and not all submissions will get reviewed, and if you require a more urgent review of your movie and it is deemed suitable for the site we would ask for a fee of £20.00 to make time and process it more quickly. All requests and for further information you can contact Dempsey Sanders via E-mail to

Can I display an advert, banner, link on TheMovie411 and what are the charges?

YES. Though we have kept the site advert free up until Febuary 2011, the site has expanded with more followers and regular readers, and with thousands of hit per day, so the increase on demand for posting new articles has also risen. The site has to create revenue from somewhere so we are now accepting advertisements. Any advertisement however must fit well with the site, entertainment related and strictly no porn. Fees start from just £30 a month depending on the size of the advertisement. Please e-mail for more information.

Can I write a guest post for TheMovie411 and in return advertise my blog?

YES. We welcome new writers and like to support movie blogs. Your articles can either be reviews, current events or rumours on anything in the movie industry, however rumours/gossip must have some sort of truth to them (not something you have just made up that sounds viable), it must also fit with the sites look and criteria, sending us an article about a book you have just read or a new cooking recipe for example will NOT be posted.
You can submit your articles to , please make sure you put article submission in the subject, where it will be read by one of our staff.
 If the article is suitable for the site, we will post it, and display a link/banner to your blog at the end of your article and also announce you on our guest writers page. The article must remain exclusive to TheMovie411 and must not be copied from another site.