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October 2011

Melissa Bradley's new novel Nathan's Angel is available now
Sometimes, the laws of Heaven were meant to be broken...

When his soul-mate is stolen from Paradise and reincarnated, Ramiel, angel of death and transformation, defies Celestial Law to find out why. As punishment for his crime, he is banished to Earth in human form without his powers. His only hope lies in recovering the grace he lost in his fall from the Divine Realm.

Nathan, a beta werewolf, knows all too well what it’s like to be vulnerable and at the mercy of unfair people and situations. He is considered weak in the eyes of the alphas of his pack. Ramiel literally falling into his life changes Nathan. Determined to help the sexy angel, he takes charge of the situation, and to his surprise, begins to exhibit some rather alpha behavior.

As they search for Ramiel’s grace, a white hot, forbidden fire ignites between them, an inferno that sets them ablaze, fusing them body and mind. A passion that makes them question everything they’ve ever known. But if they find Ramiel’s grace, will they have the strength to let each other go?

Genres: Gay / Dark Fantasy / Werewolf / Shapeshifter

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