Thursday 28 October 2010

Trick Or Treat Week: Dark Days VS Seige of the Dead

My final DVD review on Trick or Treat Week features an all too familiar vampire flick with 30 Days of Night: Dark Days, and another zombie movie with not so familiar methods, Siege of The Dead, both released October 2010.

Wednesday 27 October 2010

Trick or Treat Week: Buried VS Paranormal Activity 2

Today’s Trick or Treat Week post is on two movies that are quite popular at the cinema this week, Buried and Paranormal Activity 2. While very excited to see both today (yes I sat through two movies at the cinema which cost me a small fortune!) which one will rank as the Trick or Treat?

Tuesday 26 October 2010

Trick or Treat Week: Lake Placid 3

I really liked the original Lake Placid back in the day, to then be let down by one of the most boring sequels ever with Lake Placid 2. When watching the trailer for its third outing I thought some faith might be restored in our B-movie monster croc flick, instead what I observed was a croc of sh*t.

Monday 25 October 2010

Trick or Treat Week: 13HRS VS Black Death

Two further recently released horror DVD’s inspire today’s post on Trick or Treat week, Black Death starring Sean Bean and 13hrs with Harry Potter’s Tom Felton branching out into the horror genre.

With horror movies now starting to come out in force at the cinema and on DVD with this weeks lead up to Halloween, which out of these two will rank as the Trick or the Treat?

Saturday 23 October 2010

Trick or Treat Week: The Tortured VS The Human Centipede

Continuing with the Movie 411 Trick Or Treat Week, today’s post brings you a further two recent horror movies released on DVD,    The Tortured and The Human Centipede: First Sequence, both of which are complete torture porn, but which out of the two ranks as a Trick or a Treat?

Friday 22 October 2010

Trick Or Treat Week: Frozen and Nightmare On Elm Street

‘Tis the season to be frightened falala laaaa la Rahhhh rahh raaah!

Halloween is just over a week away, and to celebrate it, I will be posting a horror movie review every day (except for Sunday24th) with my personal opinions on what are tricks or treats to watch this holiday season.

I begin with two recent releases on DVD, Frozen and Nightmare On Elm Street 2010.

Tuesday 19 October 2010

Scream 4 Trailer Sneak Peek

The Scream 4 trailer had its world premiere on Spike TV’s Scream awards over the weekend. The highly anticipated Sequel which is due out in April next year had the trailer leaked when people videoing the awards posted it online. Although not much can be seen but random shots with the movies main stars and what looks like Courtney Cox about to have a very bad day, the trailer has fuelled a buzz around what just might happen in the Sequel. To Watch the cast at the Scream Awards and to watch the trailer

Monday 18 October 2010

Action Franchises you can‘t get Enough of ? Die Hard 5, Lethal Weapon 5 & Expendables 2

Mel Gibson’s Hollywood career has certainly seen better days. The once worshipped actor has been involved in a torrent of accusations and bad publicity due to his outlandish remarks and his struggle with alcohol. And now being dropped from his talent agency, the 54 year old actor might be forced back into a franchise that made him a global superstar, another Lethal Weapon.

The opposite can be said for Bruce Willis who seems to go from strength to strength as an action icon, the now 55 year old actor wants to do a further two Die Hard movies, and not only adding further sequels to a still popular franchise but even announcing his involvement in the inevitable Expendables sequel.

Wednesday 13 October 2010

Dark Knight Sequel Update: An Inception reunion on the cards? Tom Hardy Cast!

The Dark Knight Sequel is now most certainly gathering momentum, is reporting that Warner Brothers and Director Christopher Nolan have signed Tom Hardy for an unspecified role in the upcoming sequel.

Tuesday 12 October 2010

Spider-Man reboot......Emma Stone and Rhys Ifans CONFIRMED!

Emma Stone Confirmed as Gwen Stacy
It was recently announced that Emma Stone of Superbad fame (who can also currently be seen in Easy A), has been cast in the role of Gwen Stacy in the new Spider-Man reboot. Stone will play alongside newcomer Andrew Garfield (The Social Network), who fills the shoe's of Peter Parker. True to the comics, Stone will be sporting blond hair for the role, as opposed to her usual red. Some may be asking, "What about Mary Jane?", and this is exactly why I am excited about this film. We can glean quite a bit about the plot of the film simply because the leading female character is Gwen Stacy!

Friday 8 October 2010

Despicable Me - A not so Despicable feature!

Not having much love for animation, and it certainly not being my choice of genre, my partner dragged me kicking and screaming to the nearest Odeon to watch this. And what’s more, I’m paying the premiere 3D ticket price for the both of us!…….Who’s distributing these 3D specs?…..DIOR?!

So I finally let all the bats free out of my wallet in an attempt to cheer myself up with a combo of nachos with extra cheese sauce to keep myself occupied while my better half (beginning to wonder) enjoys something ‘he thinks’ I’ll love.

Do you know what’s worse than paying for a movie you never wanted to see in the first place? Having your partner saying ‘I told you so’ all the way home!

Tuesday 5 October 2010

October Updates: Superman Reboot, Dark Knight Sequel and Scream 4!

Below are updates to my previous posts with new gossip on the Superman Reboot, the Dark Knight sequel and Scream 4

Superman: Man Of Steel

New Superman Director Zack Snyder
What was once expected to be Jonathan Nolan’s directional debut, the Superman movie reboot has Zack Snyder, director of Watchmen and 300, now confirmed as helming the project. He was Warner Brothers and Christopher Nolan’s (who is godfathering/producing the movie) top choice for the upcoming massively anticipated project and was originally attached to Superman Returns before Bryan Singer took over. Jonathan Nolan and David Goyer are writing the script to which Zack Snyder had apparently immediately fallen in love with.

Sunday 3 October 2010

The Town.....Affleck's return to form!

Ben Affleck returns to the directing chair even stronger than his directional debut with Gone Baby Gone in this years already critically acclaimed movie.....The Town.

The Town, an adaptation of Chuck Hogan’s novel, has topped the U.S box office charts and becoming a huge success overseas. Rotten Tomatoes has given the movie a 95% positive rating, and critics are not only raving about its strong fast paced premise but also Affleck’s return to form.