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 Each Month, TheMovie411 will invite different authors from other movie blogs and sites to publish their own posts right here as a guest. Check out below for this months blog guests!

A little about Dempsey:-
I love movies...adore them, scream at them, hide behind a pillow watching them, laugh out loud until I'm close to having an accident in my Levi 501's at them...and yes if I'm being honest sometimes cry like a school girl over them. I have had a huge passion for movies ever since I can remember. Collecting them on VHS, to having every single one of them replaced on DVD to then get them all replaced on Blue-Ray. £15.00-£25.00 a month subscription on movie magazines and endless movie forum memberships, my life seems to revolve around it. I think its safe to say I'm a movie geek, but I'm proud of it. I'd certainly be a good phone a friend on who wants to be a Millionaire if a movie trivia question came up...thats got to be something huh? Thats me, thats how I would describe myself, apart from being a dashingly attractive 28 year old man with an insane sence of humour and an unhealthy addiction crispy M&Ms, working in fashion and hairstyles when I really want to write for a top movie magazine, I've told you pretty much everything :p x

A little about Melissa:-
I am an author and a lover of all things book, but my other reigning passion is film. I love all kinds of movies from the great award winning ones to the truly bizarre. My DVD collection, like my library of books, is an adventure unto itself, a veritable treasure trove of cinema. You’ll find Road to Perdition hanging out with Plan 9 from Outer Space and The Howling. Lord of the Rings makes nice with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Undead while Goodfellas tries to extort Pirates of the Caribbean. It’s quite a riot in there. Werewolves, pirates and wise guys, oh my!
When not watching movies, annoying my nephews or feeding my billion-dollar caffeine addiction, I am buried in a world of my own creation causing mayhem and madness. I live to torture my characters, but always make sure things work out right in the end because I’m a sucker for the forces of Good.

I am ecstatic about being part of The Movie411. Since my film taste runs the gamut, you never know what you’ll find here from me. If you’d like to seek me out beyond this realm, come on and check out my blog, Melissa’s Imaginarium. I talk about anything and everything here and would love to hear from you.

A little about Ali:-
My love is for the fashion world, it’s what I study and live for, I also share an equal passion for the entertainment industry, especially those blockbusters that wow us at the cinema screens. For me its not just how good the story of the movie is, but also an admiration for all the fashion and wardrobe costumes used in a feature film, Sex and the City for example used fashion to boost the movie to a profitable height by gaining such sponsors as Vivienne Westwood, Oscar De La Renta and Vera Wang that they showcased throughout the movie.

I am honoured to be a part of TheMovie411, I know Dempsey personally, and have followed the 411 since its launch. My favourite films are true stories followed by comedies and the odd ‘chick flick’, so you can expect some reviews from me in them genres.
I have my own blog which is all about what I find fashionable, personal styles, and news from the fashion world, so if you like my work and fancy a bit of a change from reading my movie reviews then pop along to  Dark-Blue-Jeans

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