Friday 25 March 2011

Mock-Up Movie Poster Contest

Are you a bit of a graphic designer? Sponsored by and, TheMovie411 has an exciting new contest for our readers for you to grab some fabulous prizes.

We want your mock up movie posters!…We are looking for some fun, fantastic, outrageous and wacky mock up movie posters designed by our readers. The poster image can be of a movie that has already hit the big screen but just with your spin on it, or a sequel to a popular movie that probably hasn‘t happened yet, you can even make up a movie title all by yourself, all we want is for you to be the star of the movie and your face displayed on the poster image in the best creative way you can think of.

Confused?….Well here are some examples below, one starring yours truly and another submitted already by one of our readers - Starring Taylor Hilson and Gareth Lee Bryan as Batman and Robin.

Could you be the next Indiana Jones? The main star of a Scarface remake? A superhero…Wonder Women perhaps? The possibilities are endless.

Plus there’s some fab prizes up for grabs from our sponsors who will also judge all entries!
Our Sponsors and create fun personalised statues, Bobbleheads, paintings and more - all 100% hand made. They make fantastic gifts for all occasions at a price you won’t beat anywhere else!

With one photo of you, a friend or family member perhaps - they can sculpt or paint you a work of art.

For more information about our marvellous sponsors for this contest you can visit them at their websites and - there you will be able to see pictures of all their creations and just how good they are.


Bobblehead statue and are offering prizes for not only the best entry but also a second and third place entry too.

1st Place winner will receive a full price Painting or Bobblehead

2nd Place Winner will receive a Painting or Bobblehead less the shipping fees.

3rd Place winner will receive a 50% discount on either or

Rules Entry and Further Information

To enter you must be a follower of TheMovie411. You can submit your mock up posters too , please put in the subject bar of your e-mails ‘poster contest’ and leave your name, contact e-mail and a brief description of your poster in the message part.

All poster images must be of you and not from other peoples designs. Every Thursday we will display some posters that have already been submitted to us for your viewing pleasure, though please note not all will be displayed in one single post and does not reflect the judges decision.

The contest opens from today and will close April 26th 2011, the winners will be announced a week later.

So what are you waiting for readers? -Lets get designing !


Christian James said...

Such a great idea for a contest again Dempsey, I'm going to do one.

I have looked up the sponsors - 1minime and 1paintme, their stuff is really cool, Might get my mum one for mothers day lol

Dark Blue Jeans said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh count me in them boobleheads are wicked, I'll try and submit a poster by the weekend!

Wkd Idea!

Unknown said...

Very cool! Wish I had some design talent, but alas, my skills do not reside in that realm. Good luck to everyone!

FilmMattic said...

Great idea for a contest. Not sure if I'm going to enter, but I definitely want to check out the entries photos.

Your Superman photo is badass!

Dempsey Sanders said...

Thanks for the comments guys and girls, will be cool if you enter, Unfortunately Melissa me and you are banned anyway lol as we 'work here' lol, Mathew with a face like yours you just have to enter - you should be a model!

DEZMOND said...

he should be an underwear model to be precise :)

Good luck to everyone who enters the contest!

FilmMattic said...

Haha you guys are too funny. But don't stop, I enjoy the flattery, jk lol...I'm not a douchebag!

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Ah, this is truly a fantastic contest, but unfortunately I'm not good at Photoshop.. like at all.

This could be Jaccstev's thing. He made the wonderful head banner for my blog. :)

And, Demps, I absolutely loved this Superman poster of yours. You're tha man of steel, mate :)

Unknown said...

LOL Demps, I can honestly say I've never been banned for so upright a reason before. I'm usually in trouble. ;)

levian said...

haha! i like you superman idea, it was awesome! i'm not much of a designer myself. but i do use photoshop for my photographs n sort, nothing too fancy though. :p

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You had my interest until you said I had to use my face in the poster! Not a chance. As for making up a movie, be cool to see one for my book.