Thursday 4 November 2010

TheMovie411 Blog Awards 2010

TheMovie411 Blog Awards 2010 are now just around the corner. Over the last several weeks you have been nominating your favourite blogs for different awards, and we are very pleased with the way the awards have been received. Already we have over a 100 blogs and sites participating, and with hundreds of their readers nominating everyday.

Nomination Round

Nominated blogs will display a badge for which award they are nominated for, an example of a nomination badge is pictured on the right. If you would like to nominate that particular site to which you have found the badge displayed, all you have to do is click their nomination badge which will take you to the nomination form and follow the details.
You can also nominate a blog for a certain award by e-mailing  leaving your name and your blog URL, along with the URL of the blog your nominating and for which award and why. ,

The nomination round is only open to bloggers, you must have your own blog and state your blog on the nomination form or email for your nomination to be counted.
Once your nomination has been counted you will receive a confirmation e-mail (normally within 24 hours).

The nomination round closes on the Thursday 18th November, so this is now your two week reminder to get your nominations in, or too nominate blogs yet to be in the running for an award.

For full details, award categories, rules and nomination form click the following link

The Online Voting Round

The next stage of the awards, the online vote, starts on Saturday November 20th and will be open for anyone to vote.

A total of 5 blogs/sites that have received the most nominations in each category will progress to this round, until the vote closes mid December. The blog/site that receives the most votes for their category will win that award.

All winners will be announced on December 17th 2010

Would You like to be considered for the awards?

There is only two weeks left of the nomination round but we are still accepting blogs/sites especially in the award categories of Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi, and Zombie awards and our Special Achievement Award.

If you would like your own blog to be considered for an award, then e-mail Christian James at  , stating your blogs URL, which award you feel your site is most deserving and why.
If accepted you will promptly receive your nomination badge and be able to get your readers to nominate you. Please read the rules and categories before e-mailing


If you have any questions about TheMovie411 blog awards you can either e-mail them privately to Christian James at , OR you can leave them in the comment box below and myself (Dempsey) will answer them as soon as possible.

Nominated blog sites are also invited to leave their blog urls in the comment box below and request nominations from our readers and to check out their blog as long as your displaying a nomination badge on your site.
Spam will be deleted.

Good luck and don’t miss your chance to nominate and enter.


DEZMOND said...

oh, so we have enough time to find dashing outfits for the red carpet? ;)

Dempsey Sanders said...

ha ha, Yes Dezmond, plenty of time yet, what outfit will you wear i wonder? ;p

DEZMOND said...

I'm currently consulting with Lady Gaga on that question ;P

Dempsey Sanders said...

ha ha, your a hoot you lol

TanausĂș Vilches said...

Glad to know that there is so much competition! I'm sure it will be hard to win but this makes it so much more exciting! In the meantime, please check out my blog and vote for me in the "Best newcomer movie blog" category at
Thanks for reading this and good luck to everyone! :)

levian said...

you have been gone for quite a while. good to have you back! ah, so the nomination is still going on. there are a lot to anticipate for! can't wait for the result. :p

Dempsey Sanders said...

re: Moonwalker
I'm so happy with how many blogs are partcipating, it is making up for a pretty fierce contest, its great. Good luck with your nominations.

Re: Levian
I have been really unwell the last week, I was having muscle spazams in my back and couldn't even walk for about 8 days. Now they seem to have faded a little, and finally able t sit back at the PC desl and write again, only trouble is, I have so many blogs to catch up on.

RaShelle Workman said...

This is so much fun Dempsey! A great idea. =D

DEZMOND said...

"I was having muscle spasms in my back and couldn't even walk for about 8 days."

Dempsy, I told you that you should be more careful with your night gymnastics ;)))

Dempsey Sanders said...

ha ha Dez, you know I wish i had a better excuse for why it happened like my night gmnastics, but it was a simple stupid thing, I only sat up from my pc chair, and collapsed in agony, with nothing at all wrong with me that day, it was so sudden, amazing how quick things can fail on you huh?

DEZMOND said...

I hear you, Dempsy, I'm a literary translator, which means I sit in front of the computer half a day and my back isn't happy about it... But I do like my plot of the possible cause for your problems better ;)

Michele (TheGirlWhoLovesHorror) said...

Are only the winners going to be announced or are you going to mention the nominees too? I always like to read new blogs, it'd be a good way to catch up on any I missed.

Dempsey Sanders said...


Yes they will, after the winners are announced, (so it does not confuse it with the contest and the top 5 nominees) everyone entered gets a mention and will be written in a post.

Dempsey Sanders said...

re: RaShelle

Thank you very much darling, I'm so pleased with the way it's been recieved, some good spirit behind it, hoping it brings some good movie blogs together

Anonymous said...

I hope I remember to thank my neighbor for feeding me last night...she was delicious!
Dreaded Dreams
Petunia Scareum