Monday 5 December 2011

The Top5 Announced!

First, and on behalf of the judges, we would like to thank all those that have nominated their favourite blogs in the first round.

In each category, the five entrants that received the most nominations have now progressed to the Top5 round and you can now vote for your favourite blog to win in their specific categories here.

New to this year, we also have our Head2Head category for The Sexiest Male and Female awards where the top 2 blog authors that received the most nominations will battle it out for the sexiest blog award in the Blogosphere.

And as last year we have our judges choice awards for Best Animation, Best Comedy and now Best Interview, along with one of our top awards, The Special Achievement Award.

Your judges this year will be myself, Dempsey Sanders.
Writer for Hot Village - Christian James
Editor of Melissa’s Imaginarium & Co-Editor of TheMovie411 - Melissa Bradley
And finally our new Judge, the anonymous author of Mind Of Mine.

The Top5 voting poll closes on December 18th and the winners will be announced on December 20th.
On behalf of everyone involved at TheMovie411 we would like to wish all contenders the best of luck and hope our readers have as much fun voting as we have organising theMovie411 Blog Awards 2011.

Look out for our Award Buzz post next week for more information on the contenders and the awards.


Christian James said...

Hey Demos.

First love the new layout. And I am looking forward to the judges choice.

Would just also like to add - that I have e-mailed all Top5 Contenders their official badge, but if they have not recieved it in their e-mails please e-mail me at , and I will re-send them.

I am going across now to place some votes.
Well done for all your hard work Demps AND Mel

CJ xx

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

I'm glad to see the top 5s are finally announced.

I'm quite shocked that I'm nominated for best gossip, considering that I barely post any news and previews.

Cool Ass Cinema nominated for best newcomer? WTF? Brian blogs since 2008, and he's definitely not a newcomer.

I'm sad to see that Nicole didn't make it, because she's truly one of the sexiest female bloggers out there.

Matt is a great guy, but he hasn't posted anything in months...

Ah, I'm a bit confused, but still excited for the voting.

Christian James said...

Hi George, I think I can answer those questions as all nomintions were submitted to me too.

In regrads to your entry into the gossip category, you had recieved enough nominations for that category also, and though you don't often post news and previews, some people out there must like the ones you have done, so I would just be happy about that :)

As for Cool Ass Cinema in the Newcomer category, that is a genuine mistake on my behalf. I will get Dempsey to change that as soon as possible.

Nicole of Electric Daze only recieved 1 nomination (by you) for sexiest female blogger, and though I think she is a stunner and most would agree , its the nominations that count, however she did get enough nominations for best newcomer, so maybe we will see her in the awards after all once the poll is amended in that category as she only started posting 1 year ago.

As with Matt he is a great guy, and though not posted since July, he is a newcomer and people are nominating him, we felt it fair to let that fly, its upto voters to vote for him, and because he has not posted since July that might just effect his votes anyway.

I hope that clears up any confusion. Glad to see you in the awards again this year, and thanks for pointing out the Newcomer category...I am now to expect a verbal lashing from Demps ha ha

CJ x

Dempsey Sanders said...

Already spotted the Newcomer mistake CJ, dnt worry it slipped through my net too, it is now amended, and Electric Daze was replacment seens as she got the next highest amount of nominations.

The votes that the others already recieved in that category has been noted and will be added once the poll closes.

Kelly Polark said...

Voting complete! :)

DEZMOND said...

you had me at Christian James....

Dempsey Sanders said...

lol Dez, bless ya

Christian James said...

Oh Dezzy, maybe after the awards we should meet up!

CJ x

Real Queen of Horror said...

Good luck to everyone! :P

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Christian, thank you for clearing everything up. :)

Not that I'm not happy about the Gossip nomination, I just wasn't prepared for it. LOL.

Matty is the best movie reviewer I know, and I hope he wins! Didn't mean to be rude or anything, I just spotted that he hadn't blogged in a while.

I'm happy for Nicole @ Electric Daze! She absolutely deserves it.

I hope the voting will be fair, because so far it seems to me that some people are pushing too hard. LOL. Anyway, may the best bloggers win! :)

Christian James said...

Glad your enjoying the awards and voting so far George.

I am also happy for Electric Daze, which is a good thing about the awards it does bring blogs together, I might not have come across her before.

As for the voting, it is all very fair, only vote per category per ip address. People always push hard for votes, we encourage it, its the whole point, so do what you can to gain them.
I have seen entrants do a post to their readers, put it on twitter, facebook or other social sites there on. By all means do the same as them as I see your doing very well also, so good on you.

As for seeming rude, you have a right to ask any questions you want and I will try and answer them as fast as possible.

Good to get to know you. :)

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hey Christian good to see you back here at the 411. I am too excited for the awards this year. I think we make a super team!!

Maurice Mitchell said...

Congrats everyone!