Tuesday 20 December 2011

TheMovie411 Blog Awards 2011: Winners Post

The winners post 2011 is finally here!

First, and on behalf of this years Judges, Melissa Bradley, Christian James, MindOfMine and of course myself, we would like to thank everyone who has taken part in TheMovie411 Blog Awards 2011, and an even bigger thank you to those who have nominated and voted over the past couple of months.

For the winners, your badge awards will have been sent to your e-mail. If you have not received them please e-mail themovie411@live.co.uk . Though please allow until 5pm Thursday 21st December to recieve them.

Making the Top5 is a big achievement itself, so if you have not won the category you were nominated in don’t be downhearted, you have had many people nominate and vote for you to make it this far so you should be chuffed! And for that reason, if you’re a Top5 entrant you can request a personal ‘nominated badge’ much like the one pictured right.

Ok so lets get down to the categories and them all important winners…..

TheMovie411 Best Post Award, your nominees are:

Alex J Cavanaugh for: Worst Movies Ever Blogfest
Cool Ass Cinema for: Franchise Of Fear Halloween Part 1
Lets Get Out Of Here for: Voorhees Jolly Good Fellow
FilmMattic for: Film Rant
SonSation for: Who’s Your Favourite Muppet

And The Winner is…..Craig Edwards of Lets Get Out Of Here for his post: Voorhees Jolly Good Fellow.

Fighting off some rather smart competition, Craig’s post takes the grand prize. His post on the Friday the 13th horror icon - Jason Voorhees not only shows an in depth knowledge of movie and character, but his witty style and pure love for the genre pours out to create a ‘must read’ article. Well done Craig!

The Movie411 Best Newcomer Award, your nominees are:

Electric Daze

And your Winner is….Movie Marker
Chief Editor Luke Walkley

It’s hard to believe a blog site can grow so fast in such a short space of time, however the creators that be at Movie Marker have achieved just that. Though an occurance of a disqualification in the Top5 of this category, the competition was very tough with all entrants. Movie Marker displays some exceptional reviews from many of their writers, and also some fun Oscar predictions as well a few look-backs of cinematic classics. Their fun and informative posts have clinched your votes for them to take away The Best Newcomer award, well done everyone at MM!

TheMovie411 Best Action Blog Award, your nominees are:

Action Flick Chick
Watching The Detectives
Direct To Video Connoisseur
A Life In Equinox

And the Winner isKatrina Hill - Action Flick Chick

She won Best Action last year and she’s done it again this year, Queen of Action herself - Katrina Hill and her awesome site dedicated to action movies seems unbeatable in this category as she fought off other strong contenders to remain at the top.

If Swarzennegger himself had an action blog, he’d still be not match for Miss Hill…..She’ll Be Back!

TheMovie411 Best Horror Blog Award, your nominees are:

Memoirs Of A Scream Queen
Dinner With Max Jenkie
Horror Movie Diary
Haribo Extreme Culture

And The Winner is: Haribo Extreme Culture
Chief Editor Anil Koc

Remaining one of our most competitive categories, Haribo Extreme Culture fights off some big guns of the Horror Blogosphere and takes the title.

Proving there’s no language barrier when it comes to TheMovie411 Blog Awards, the Turkish writers at Haribo Extreme Culture are very knowledgeable of the genre and sometimes their posts are freakier than the movies they review. We love it! Well done H.E.C!

The Movie411 Best Design Blog Award, your nominees are:

Radio Pop Action
Sequel Buzz

And the Winner is....Movie Marker

Their second gong of the night, Movie Marker walks away with Best Design. Their site sports a professional  look and is easy to navigate, but not only that, it looks damn cool too! These guys look pretty unstoppable tonight, MM we salute you!
TheMovie411 Best Sci-Fi Blog Award, your nominees are:

Alex J Cavanaugh
The Geek Twins
Classic Sci-Fi
Sci-Fi Bloggers
Sci-Fi Blog.net

And the Winner isAlex J. Cavanaugh

What a shocker - Alex J Cavanaugh walks away with Best Sci-Fi for the second year in a row and we are all pretty happy about it. The Sci-Fi author who was also Top5 for Best Post this year will be humbly bowing out of next years awards to host and judge The Movie411 Blog Awards 2012. Winning by a large margin it’s safe to say - Alex, you really are king of Sci-Fi and next years winner has a lot to live up to.

TheMovie411 Best Gossip Blog Award, and the nominees are:

Hollywood Spy
Sequel Buzz

And the Winner isDezmond -Hollywood Spy

Last years Gold Award winner, Hollywood Spy, triumphs in the Best Gossip category again this year. Also winning in 2010, Dezmond proves he is the king of gossip with his daily posts containing headlines and spoilers on all things entertainment.

Hollywood Spy loves you and there’s nothing you can do about it…..but we love you more! Well done Dez!

The Movie411 Sexiest Female Blog Author Award, the Head2Head nominees are:

                                              Jenny Kruger- Memoirs Of A Scream Queen

And The Winner is….Melissa Bradley

Our closest poll ever see’s a much loved and very sexy Melissa Bradley take this years Sexiest Female Author Award.
Fighting off someone as stunning as Miss Kruger is no easy achievement, but Mel proves she’s our Queen this year and wow do we love you!

TheMovie411 Sexiest Male Blog Author, the Head2Head nominees are:

                                  Mitch- Movies With Mitch                 Matt- FilmMattic

And the Winner isMitch

Mitch, you are our hunk of 2011 and fighting off someone as sexy as Matt with his abs of steel proves your natural good looks are what the ladies are willing to give up their knickers…I mean votes for. Well done chap, I think I fancy you myself! (seriously he’s a bit of alright isn’t he?)

The Judges Awards:
Ok a quick breather before the two big awards, Special Achievement and Gold Blog awards are announced. I hope your having fun so far.

Helping me judge Best Comedy, Best Interview and the Special Achievement Awards this year are:

Christian James, returning this year and responsible for registering your nominations and making sure the voting poll has no cheaters, our beloved CJ has sifted through hundreds of blogs (as have we all) to search for them all important winners.
He’s also responsible for being a huge pain in my backside and relentless abuse about my huge nose.

Melissa Bradley: Co-Editor of TheMovie411 and now our very own sexiest female of the year 2011, Mel has also been working hard replying to all you nominators and registering your votes.

MindOfMine: Our Guest Writer this year and now our guest judge..he runs a cool blog and has a huge love for the blog awards and was only too happy to submit his views on our suggestions.

So without further do….

Your Judges Choice Award for Best Comedy is…..Cinema Obsessed

Angie and Chantale never fail to make us and their readers laugh, weather their posts be about Comedy Movies or even Horror movies, their witty writing skills will make your belly hurt and your throat sore from giggling to much. Not to mention their wacky design art. Well done Ann and Chan!

Your Judges Choice Award for Best Animation is…..CineMarvellous

George runs a damn cool blog, and was joint 1st place for the Best Animation award last year. This year he has devoted a whole section of his site towards Animation movies making it easier to find his reviews on the genre. He has posted many exceptional reviews on animated movies for 2011, including Arthur Christmas 3D, TinTin, and Rango. He’s our very own Kung Fu Panda, and always a hot favourite for several awards. Well done George!

Your Judges Choice Award for Best Interview is…..Hollywood Spy

His interview with New Zealand’s rising star, Kyle Pryor was not only an exceptional must read, but proves Dezmond of Hollywood Spy will go that extra mile to entertain us and gain an interview with a movie actor that any movie blogger would just love to do.

Hollywood Spy has become a must read for entertainment gossip, and with Dezmond gaining interviews like this, is it any wonder?

The Movie411 Special Achievement Award 2011 Judges choice Award:

CineMarvellous is a dedicated blog to all movie genres and is run with absolute devotion to his followers by George, a.k.a Nebular.

Nominated for 4 MBA’s last year and 3 MBA’s this year including the Gold Award, winning best Animation in 2010 and 2011 proves that not only is he talented, but that his posts are loved by many readers.

This year has seen many changes to his blogsite, including the introduction to his short quick fire reviews, keeping us all up to date with what, and what not to see at on the big screen in 2011.

To a Blog that just gets bigger and better every year, there really is no other blog that deserves this recognition more than CineMarvellous. Congratulations George, on behalf of all the judges and your readers, you deserve it.

Finally we have come to our top award and the category that received the highest entry of nominations again this year…..

TheMovie411 GOLD BLOG AWARD 2010, your nominees are:

Hollywood Spy
Horror Blogger Alliance
Movies With Mitch
The One Review

And the WINNER is…Movies With Mitch
Our sexiest male blogger of 2011 walks away with our top prize this year after a fantastic amount of support from his readers. His well written posts ‘making movies safer, one review at a time’ have kept you entertained throughout the year and kindled your support.

His cheeky charm, those gritty posts, and a well designed site is fully deserving of the Gold, and all of us at TheMovie411 would like to say a big congratulations to you Mitch, well done!

And that’s it for another year of the Movie411 Blog Awards, we hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have.
2012 will see some big changes to the Blog Awards, with more great contenders, and this time sponsors with prizes! We never expected the Movie411 Blog Awards to become as big as it has, and we thank all of you who have nominated and indeed participated.

Alex J Cavanaugh will be hosting next years blog awards and we are thrilled about it, so look out for more information on TheMovie411 Blog Awards 2012 in January, but for now, on behalf of everyone at the 411, thank you and have a very Merry Christmas.

You can leave your messages of congratulations, and comments on this years award winners post below, but please, remain as you have been, and show good sportsmanship.. Inappropriate comments will be deleted. Thank you.


Unknown said...

Congratulations to all winners! :D

Unknown said...

Congratulations to all the winners and the nominees. We are an amazing community and I am happy to be part of it.

Craig Edwards said...

My heartiest congratulations to everybody who even thought about this thing while it was going on - the bloggers, the judges, the nominees, the winners, the voters - everybody! Melissa pegged it - we're like the coolest little city in the cyberworld!

Christian James said...

Well done Demps and Melissa for working so hard on this years awards again.

And well done to all the winners of this years awards, its great to see some new faces, and even better seeing some of you retain your titles.

Can't wait for next year, the awards have really taken off, and thats a credit to you Dempsey!

A personal congrats to my friends Melissa Bradley for winning sexiest female, Hollywood Spy for best gossip again this year (wow) not to mention best interview, and would also like to congratulate George on the Special Achievement and Animation.

Toodles x

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Congratulations to everyone - BIG shoutout for Melissa and George! SO AWESOME!!!!!!! And thanks Melissa and Dempsey, and the other judges for making the awards so cool.
Honored to be a judge next year and hope I can live up to the standards set.

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Thanks and congrats to the winners.

Kaijinu said...

Insert black and white stock footage of people clapping here*

Haha, nice work mates! Congratulations!

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✗✗ said...

Congrats to all the winners!!

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