Friday 15 July 2011

Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows First Trailer

I am bouncing out of my seat. The exclusive first look trailer for the highly anticipated sequel Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows has finally hit. The game is afoot once more for Holmes and Watson as they find themselves pitted against Professor Moriarty, Holmes' arch enemy.

Joining Robert Downey, Jr., and Jude Law are Stephen Fry, Noomi Rapace and Jared Harris. Fry portrays Mycroft Holmes, the elder, and considerably more stodgy brother of the famous detective. Stephen is having quite a year as he will also be seen as the Master of Laketown in the upcoming Hobbit films. Noomi, fresh from her role as Lisbeth Salander in the wildly popular Millennium trilogy stars as Sim, a fortune teller. In the role of the dastardly Moriarty is Jared Harris from AMC's Mad Men and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows hit theaters December 16 and I absolutely cannot wait. I often do not like when the film version takes huge liberties with a literary character, but there are times when it is just plain cool and Guy Ritchie's take on Holmes rocks. From this trailer, it looks as though Ritchie has amped up the action and is ready to take us on another wild ride. Then there's Jude Law. I'm sorry, but he is just the sexiest Watson ever.

What about you all? Did you love the first Sherlock Holmes and are dying to see this new film? Did you hate it with every fiber of your being and wish Guy Ritchie would stop effing up one of literature's greatest detectives? Or was it meh... watching Kristen Stewart mumble and shrug through an interview is more exciting?


Unknown said...

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Really dug the first movie and can't wait for this one. Downey is on a roll.

Unknown said...

@Stephen Thanks for the info.

@Alex Downey is absolutely on a roll and I absolutely cannot wait to see this movie. It's going to be a hellagood time.

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Loved the first one, looking forward to the sequel. The trailer screams wittiness :)

Hope you're alright, hon. I've just started a new job, and I'm so busy, I barely have the time to check out blogger. Damn.

FilmMattic said...

I wasn't the biggest fan of the last Sherlock Holmes despite my appreciation for Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law (they both rock). Not to mention the fact that I love almost all Guy Ritchie's movies. But I'll be curious to see if Ritchie can improve on the sequel.

Unknown said...

@Nebular Congrats on the new job, sweetie. That rocks!

Yes, this trailer screams wittiness and it looks like it's going to be an absolute blast.

@Matt I agree the first was not one of Ritchie's best. However, I loved it because to me it was a wild, fun steampunk fantasy and I am a huge fan of the genre. This trailer makes the second look even better and I hope you will enjoy it.

Craig Edwards said...

I really enjoyed the first movie - although wary of hugely game changing takes on ooollllldd established characters - I found this new Holmes and Watson duo to be marvelous and the movie a lot of fun. (Side note - the current British TV Sherlock - which brings its changes to the character by setting him in the 21st century - is also a terrific piece of entertainment) This is the kind of sequel that can go really wrong - and misfire in a nuclear way if handled poorly - all of which can be hidden by a clever trailer - but I know my wife and I will be there first weekend for this one if we can. Thanks for the post, Ms. B!

Unknown said...

@Craig I'm glad you enjoyed this post. Thanks for sharing the info about the new British TV series. I will have to check it out. I know what you mean about the potential for a nuclear meltdown here. Hopefully Ritchie stick to the spirit of the first and it will work. I'll be there opening night as well.

Arun said...

Nice review of the movie. Downey Jr makes a very interesting Sherlock Holmes.

I liked the first movie. I need to check this one out.