Thursday 16 December 2010

The Movie411 Blog Awards 2010: Your Winners!

First I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who took part, nominated and voted over the last 3 months, it’s been a pleasure doing these awards and commend you all for the good sportsmanship you have all shown too.

Example nomination award badge
 Below are all the categories and their winners as voted for by the readers and supporters of the movie Blogosphere. If you have not walked away with the winners badge, don’t be down hearted, as hundreds of movie blogs entered this contest, and if you made the Top5 that is an achievement in itself, you can also request a personalised nomination badge (example on the right) by e-mailing, however these personalised nomination badges are only available for Top5 nominees. The Winners and their badges will also be posted on TheMovie411 Blog Awards Section all year. and if you have won the award you will receive your badge in your e-mail address, if you have not please contact us.

So lets now get down to them all important winners.

TheMovie411 Best Post Award, your nominees are:

Movie Café: Inception: No doubt a perfect scorer, Author: Jaccstev
Probably Because I Have to: The Social Network, Author: Jonathan Mendelsohn
Cinemarvellous for The Social Network (2010), Author: Nebular
Horror Digest for How to use Eccentric Poltergeist Quotes, Author: Andre
Cine-Vue for I Spit on your Grave, Author: Russell Cook

And The WINNER is….Russell Cook/Cine Vue - for I Spit on your Grave
One of our closest ever polls, Russell Cook has fought off his competition and walks away with The Best Post 2010 award. His exceptional review of DVD release I Spit on your Grave poses his technical knowledge of film complimented by his easy to read writing style. No doubt one of Cine-Vue’s top assets. Well done Russ!

The  Movie411 Best Newcomer Award, your nominees are:

Movie Sense By Franchise Says So Chief Editor: Sean
Minoccio Movie Blog Chief Editor: Minoccio
Son:Sation Chief Editor: J-Son
Radio Pop Action Chief Editor: Moonwalker
Deadly Serious Chief Editor: Trick or Treat Pete

And The WINNER is…Moonwalker - Radio Pop Action

Not just movies, but all things entertainment, and with the latest gossip too, Radio Pop Action is your choice for Best Newcomer, fighting off the King Of Cool himself J-Son.
He’ll be no doubt walking on the moon now, congratulations Moonwalker!

TheMovie411 Best Action Blog Award, your nominees are:

Cinemarvellous Chief Editor: Nebular
Watching The Detectives Chief Editor: Steve Miller
Movie Cafe Chief Editor: Jaccstev
Shadowlocked Chief Editor: Leo Porter
Action Flick Chick Chief Editor: Katrina Hill

And the WINNER is…Katrina Hill - Action Flick Chick

Not a surprise to many, queen of action herself, Katrina Hill walks away with Best Action 2010. Her site is dedicated to the genre, posing some great interviews, reviews and gossip not only on action movies but games and events too. Miss Hill we salute you!

TheMovie411 Best Comedy Blog Award, your nominees are: 

Cinema Obsessed Chief Editor: Angie and Chantale
Von Yvonne Chief Editor: Von Yvonne
Top60 Comedy Series Chief Editor: Mr Movie
Squidoo Chief Editor: Lens
Best Comedy Movies: Chief Editor: unknown

And the WINNER is…Von Yvonne

A surprise win sees Von Yvonne’s witty remarks and hilarious posts on all things including movie reviews clinch the top prize this year, a certain shocker, and I don’t mean just her looks, we only hope Von keeps us giggling with her hilarious posts for another year. You go girl!

TheMovie411 Best Horror Blog Award, your nominees are:

Spectacular Cinema Chief Editor: Kalli
Chuck Norris Ate My Baby Chief Editor: Matt Suzaka
Horror Movie A Day Chief Editor: Brian Collins
Cinemarvellous Chief Editor: Nebular
I Like Horror Movies Chief Editor: Carl Manes

And the WINNER is… Brian Collins - Horror Movie A Day

One of our most popular categories this year due to the vast amount of love for the genre, this was one award that could of gone either way. In the end, and I mean right until the end, came down to a two horse race between HMAD and Cinemarvellous. Brian Collins took victory though and walks away with Best Horror Blog 2010, his daily horror posts your voted favourite, and in such a tough challenged category there’s nothing horrifying about winning this award. Well done Brian!

The Movie411 Best Design Blog Award, your nominees are:

Sequel Buzz Chief Editor: Nick Meece
Minoccio Movie Blog Chief Editor: Minoccio
Movie Cafe Chief Editor: Jaccstev
Hollywood Spy Chief Editor: Dezmond
Cine-Vue: Chief Editor: Daniel Green

And the WINNER is…Daniel Green - Cine Vue

Their second gong of the night, Cine Vue walks away with Best Design. A modern professional look too their blog site compliments their professional reviews, news and gossip, and is you top choice for the award. Daniel and all the guys at Cine-Vue, Congratulations!

TheMovie411 Best Sci-Fi Blog Award, your nominees are:

Alex J Cavanaugh Chief Editor: Alex J. Cavanaugh
Shadowlocked Chief Editor: Leo Porter
Flickering Myth Chief Editor: Gary Collinson
The Sci-Fi Blog Chief Editor: 'The Sci-Fi Man'
Classic Sci-Fi Movies Chief Editor: unknown

And the WINNER is…Alex J. Cavanaugh

Worshipped Sci-Fi author and blogger Alex, whom is celebrating his release of his first book CassaStar this year, walks away with the Best Sci-Fi award. His love for the genre is second to none, his debut book subject to much acclaim on the Blogosphere, and his reviews and posts on the genre, including movies, stimulating your votes for this true talented writer.

Alex, in the movie blog world, your our answer to James Cameron, well done!

TheMovie411 Best Gossip Blog Award, and the nominees are:

Sequel Buzz Chief Editor: Nick Meece
Hollywood Spy Chief Editor: Dezmond
Buzze Cafe Chief Editor: Jaccstev
Shadowlocked Chief Editor: Leo Porter
Cinema Obsessed Chief Editor: Angie and Chantale

And the WINNER is…Dezmond -Hollywood Spy

Gossip makes blogs come to light, and people flocking back time and time again. With daily reports on all the exclusive news on TV and the Movie world, Dezmond is your Prince of Goss. Hollywood Spy has many avid followers who just can’t wait for their daily dose of entertainment news, and they all prey Dezmonds lips never stop flapping.

Dezmond, you the man!

The Movie411 Sexiest Female Blog Author Award, the nominees are:

Rashelle - NO.2 Pencil Stat
Von Yvonne - Von Yvonne
Angie and Chantale - Cinema Obsessed
Jenny B - Memoirs Of A Scream Queen

And The WINNER is…Von Yvonne

Her second gong of the evening, and is it any wonder? The gorgeous Von Yvonne is your sexiest female Blog Author 2010. Beauty pageants everywhere look out, she’s grabbed the most votes here, will she steal your hearts too? We certainly do love the ‘V’!

TheMovie411 Sexiest Male Blog Author, the nominees are

Ali - Dark-Blue-Jeans
Dezmond - Hollywood Spy
Luke - Shadowlocked
Elgar - Bugaboo Flick

And the WINNER is…Luke Connolly of Shadowlocked.

The adorably handsome Luke, with his cute fluffy blonde hair and cheeky smile is your sexiest hunk of 2010. His entertainment reviews at Shadowlocked are not the only thing you ladies, and indeed some of us guys, are dashing over to the site for. Watch out Robert Pattinson, you now have competition!

The Judges Awards:
Ok a quick breather before the two big awards, Special Achievement and Gold Blog awards are announced. Having fun so far? Well let me introduce two judges that have been helping me decide about three awards not up for the public vote, including Special Achievement, we have been looking for them not all too familiar Animation Movie, Zombie Movie and Oscar Disccusion blogs and posts.

Christian James, responsible for registering all the nominations this year, who’s favourite movies include Resident Evil, 28 Days Later and Night of the Living Dead, loves the Zombie genre, and then we have Kerry Maguire, author of the book Anime Me, and obsessed with all things animation.

Dempsey: So Christian, you have told me who you have awarded Best Zombie Movie Blog 2010, would you like to announce the blog and the reasons why?

Christian James: Of course I will, but first Demps will you go and come back dressed in something more suitable, this is the 2010 Movie Blog Awards not a camping excursion!
                Dempsey: Cheeky sh*t!

Christian James, Ok the WINNER of the 2010 Movie411 Best Zombie Award is: Zombie Don’t Run, for a fabulous designed blog, an obvious and un-matched love for the genre with exceptional posts and reviews, need I say more?
                             Dempsey: Thank you CJ, and well done Zombies Don’t Run!
Now Kerry, how about you and your search for best Animation Blog?

Kerry: Demps, I’m so sorry but I couldn’t decide, there were two and I just can’t pick my favourite, so I didn’t .
     Dempsey: What! You can only have one!, I knew I should of gone for another male judge! Who are they?

 Kerry: Cinemarvellous, for his exceptional reviews on many animation movies, and Levian Blog for her amazing devotion toward the animation art form, including animation movie and cartoon reviews. I’m sorry but they are both brilliant for different reasons and I would not like to decide. (Folds her arms and looks at the floor!)

Dempsey: Tut, well I have no choice do I? So I will have to decide for myself!
The WINNER of TheMovie411 Best Animation Blog 2010 is…Cinemarvellous……AND…..Levian Blog…..All’s fair in love and war, so congratulations you are both our duel winners for this award.
And finally the judges choice for Best Oscar Discussion, with an unbelievable amount of nominations, is Fritz and the Oscars, well done Fritz!

The Movie411 Special Achievement Award 2010 Judges choice:

Cinema Obsessed is run with shear love and devotion of the movie and entertainment world. Their authors, Angie and Chantale write many reviews, articles, news, gossip and rumours on many different genres with dollops of humour and bags of fun. Having over 500 avid blogger-followers, or as they like to call them ’Cin-Obs’, with thousands more hits per day by visitors, they have become what many other blogs and sites strive to be, a haven for movie goers and readers. Their creative passion adds more fun to their posts with their design work.

With many nominations in this years awards, probably nothing more fitting than for them two wonderful women to walk away with this years Special Achievement Award. Congratulations.
                                                                                                                    Dempsey Sanders, Christian James and Kerry Maguire.

Finally we have come to our top award and the category that received the highest entry of Blog nominations

TheMovie411 GOLD BLOG AWARD 2010, your nominees are:

Drunk On Judgement Chief Editor: Levi Boley
Movie Cafe Chief Editor: Jaccstev
Hollywood Spy Chief Editor: Dezmond
Cinemarvellous Chief Editor : Nebular
Flickering Myth Chief Editor: Gary Collinson

And the WINNER is…Dezmond - HOLLYWOOD SPY
His second gong of the night, and clinching the top prize this year, Dezmond over at Hollywood Spy has been voted your Gold Movie Blog 2010. A loyal supporter of his fellow bloggers, and trusted source for movie and TV entertainment news-posts propelled him both in the nomination and voting stages. Hollywood Spying Dezmond, the 007 of the Blogosphere, continues to impress his readers and gaining more and more regular followers everyday.

We applaud you Dezmond, congratulations!

And that’s it for this years Movie Blog Awards, we hope you have enjoyed the buzz. We will be back in 2011 with some more great contenders, and maybe even see some re-entries. Thank you to the guest judges, and thank you all once again for participating, see you next year!

You can leave your messages of congratulations, and comments on this years award winners post below, but please, remain as you have been, and show good sportsmanship, inappropriate comments will be deleted. Thank you.


Unknown said...

It's kind of sad that all good things must come to an end. Congratulations to all winners! Will be keeping up with you all to check out more great content. Also to all nominees as I'd so much fun reading your sites!

Hope to see y'all next year again! :D

Unknown said...

Congratulations to all the winners! I have a lot of new blogs to be checking out for certain. To the winners and the nominees, I wish you all continued and growing success. You do a wonderful job helping fans like me keep up with the ins and outs of the film industry.

To Dempsey, Christian and Kerry: thanks for all your work on the judging and nominating process. I am looking forward to next year.

Dempsey, awards like this are a true celebration and I love that you support your fellow bloggers. Kudos!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Congratulations to all the winners - and so awesome for Dezz!!!
And I am blown away I won Best Sci-Fi. Thanks so much.

Dark-Blue-Jeans said...

I'm really gutted its over actually, it has been so much fun. Thanks for all my nominations in the sexiest male category, and Well done Luke for winning it. And congratulations all the other winners!

They are some mighty fine badges there Demps, who designed them?

Angie said...

Big thanks to everyone at Movie411 for putting together this contest. It was super fun and we were honoured to be a part of it!

Angie and Chantale

Steve Miller said...

Congrats to the winners!

DEZMOND said...

First, congrats to all the winners, you were all looking gorgeous and sexy at the red carpet before the ceremony :) And special congrats to Alex for winning the SF award, because I'm biased in his case :)

Second, I want to thank the members of the Sanders Academy for organizing the glamorous event, especially Chris for almost dying while counting all the votes and Dempsey for being the brain behind all this :) You're gorgeous and you know it.

Third, I can't believe I won two awards, and especially the main one! I want to thank all of you gorgeous freaks who voted for your HOLLYWOOD SPY, and you are all invited to the glitzy afterparty which I'm organizing over at HOLLYWOOD SPY's headquarters. All the stars are coming there tonight!


Dempsey Sanders said...

Thanks for your comments so far peeps, keep them coming

@Dark Blue Jeans, I designed them :) Thank you for being such a good spotsman too Ali

@Dezmond, ohh an after party you say? please feel free to post a link to it hear, I'm sure a lot of people would like to join x

DEZMOND said...

well you know the party is over at but better hurry since the bar is under an attack of Chris and I don't know how long it will hold :)) and the paparazzi are circling around my mansion like vultures trying to steal a pic of the dashing Academy President ;P

Jaccstev said...

Congrats to all the winners especially for Dempsey who has succesfully held this superb ceremony ;) And for my dear fellow Dezmond, I'm really happy for you that you got the awards! That's quite an accomplishment and you have a lot to be proud of in your recent success ;)

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Congratulations to all the winners, especially to Alex J. and Von Yvonn! I'm so happy for you, guys. You both deserve it.

And, Dempsey, you're the man! :) Thank you for organizing this wonderful and unforgettable event! I'm so happy about winning the BEST ANIMATION award, as I absolutely love animated flicks :) Thank you, judges.

Jaccsy, J-Son, you're amazing and both winners in my eyes. :)

Tanausú Vilches said...

I would love to congratulate all the winners and my fellow bloggers who were nominated in the first place. I will surely be checking out each and everyone of your blogs ;) I'm still in shock that I won my first award! Thank you for the warm welcome guys, and thanks to Dempsey and everyone who made it possible.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Dempsey, Christian and all the featured blogs for organizing and being a part of such a fantastic set of awards. We're extremely proud of our two wins for Best Design and Best Post, and we wish each and everyone of you the very best of luck over the coming weeks and months...

Keep up the good work!


Dempsey Sanders said...

On behalf of Christian, Kerry and myself, thanks for all your gratitude towards the awards, we are very pleased you have loved it and our work. We continue to be astonished how well the awards have been recieved. And the Movie Blog Awards will be back in Septmeber 2011, especially now blogs have even more titles to defend.

Fritz said...

Wow, I am incredibly happy!

Thanks you so much to Patrick, Christian and Kerry for all your hard work! You guys rock! :-)

Lidia Martin said...

I followed the awards these last few weeks and I must say you run a totally cool blog. It has given me so many other blogs to read, and as for your own blog, Dempsey/Christian, its superb, love evrything about it. Donated to the 411 too though only $5, but every little helps as they say. Look forward to reading more of your reiews guys.
All my love, Lidia

Anonymous said...

When do you start taking nominations for next years entries please?

I have a few sites I would like to nominate as well as my own if I can?

Great awards, congrats to all this years winners

Dempsey Sanders said...

@ Lidia
Thanks for your comment, and a SUPER thanks also for the donation, very kind of you. Glad you like our blog. I have seen you once or twice at filmwatch, your pretty good yourself ;)

@ Annonymous
Hey there stranger, well I hope you return as I am now interested to know what you and your friends blogs look like, as you didn't leave me a link.
However I just got over the work involved for this years blog awards, nominations won't take place again now until august/september time. But fear not, we will be back!

RaShelle Workman said...

Dempsey - This was a lot of fun! A pleasure to be a part of it.

Congrats to all of the winners!

I want to send a special shout out to Dezmond, for the two he won, including the BIG ONE and Alex J. Cavanaugh. xoxo

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Aw RaShelle, you still rock in my book!

Unknown said...

I came back here unknowingly to check for award buzz and then suddenly it hit me that it's already over! Silly me.

DEZMOND said...

thanks Jaccsy and thanks RaShelle! You know HOLLYWOOD SPY has a soft spot in his heart for you :)

BC said...

Wow, I'm truly honored - thanks to all who voted and thanks to Movie411 for putting this together!! Grats to all nominees and winners!

Fritz said...

Sorry, Dempsey, for again calling you Patrick! I don't know why I always do that! But I promise I will stop! :-)

levian said...

thanks dempsey! i'm so glad i got the chance to be nominated, n even unbelievably won! so this award, it's not about the animations but about movies i suppose? i visited the other site n it was all about movies, not animation. or did i understand it wrongly?

Dempsey Sanders said...


With you Levian it was awarded because of the animation movies you have posted/reviewed about this year as well as your dedication towards anime art. With Cinemarvellous, yes, it was soley awarded for his reviews on the genre. Kerry Maguire, judge for the award, couldn't decide out of you both, thats why you both got it.
Your very welcome and it's very well deserved. Keep up the good work, now you have a title to defend x

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

Cine-Vue are trying to add to our wonderful Movie411 Blog Award wins by entering the Total Film Blog Awards 2011!

Please nominate Cine-Vue for "Best Overall Blog" at the Total Film Blog Awards now by emailing your nomination to Full details here -


Anonymous said...

Congrats to all the winners! I had a blast being part of this competition, win or lose! Thankyou to everyone who voted for me!
Dreaded Dreams
Petunia Scareum

Anonymous said...

Cine-Vue is proud to announce that the site has been nominated for "Best Overall Blog" in the Total Film Movie Blog Awards 2011.

Head over to to register your vote before Friday 28 January!!!

Christian James said...

Thanks to everyone thanking me, yes I am very important god luv yas.


It was so nice to see the mountains of blogs nominated and looking forward to seeing all the nominations again next year. For those of you now with title to defend, well done on clinching the top prize, will you do it for a second year in a row I wonder?

Dempsey this was your baby and you did so well (of course you could of never of done it without me I know)
But where respect is due - due respect you!
TheMovie411 itself deserves an award, and maybe you for being the most vain git writing amongst the blogsphere.
But everyone loves you and I kinda do sometimes, especially when your making a chicken ranch

toodle pips

Anonymous said...

Awesome, that’s exactly what I was scanning for! You just spared me alot of searching around

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