Tuesday 14 December 2010

The Final Buzz: Going For Gold !

So here comes the last Award Buzz before the big day on Thursday when our winners are announced, these are the nominated top5 blogs up for Gold Movie Blog 2010.

The Nominees for Gold Movie Blog 2010 are:

Also nominated for Best Horror, Pest Post and Best Action
Chief Editor: George a.k.a Nebular

Received over 300 nominations for this one award
Chief Editor: Levi Boley

Also nominated for Best Sci-Fi Blog
Chief Editor: Gary Collinson

Also nominated for Best Gossip, Sexiest Male and Best Design
Chief Editor: Dezmond

Also nominated for Best Post, Best Action and Best Design
Chief Editor: Jaccstev

Let the battle of the mighty blogs commence! Our top5 line up for the 2010 Gold Movie Blog Award had to be narrowed down from a total of 237 nominated blogs in this category.

The top5 gold nominees all have blog/sites that display exceptional posts and reviews, complimented by great design and reader partcipation (polls, discussions and comment feedback).

They are all blogs committed to the entertainment of Cinema, Movies, TV, the latest DVD releases, star profiles and exclusives, news, gossip and rumours. They have all stood the test of time and have a grand following of regular readers.


You have one more chance to vote for who you think should win the Gold. At the time of post you now only have 12 hours to vote your favourite blog in the Top5. If you have not seen any of the blogs above before, then why not take this opportunity to make new friends among the Blogosphere and visit them and give them a read. Who ever convinces you the most that’s worthy of the Gold, then come back and place your vote on our voting page.

Hope you have enjoyed our award Buzzes this week. I will hopefully see you back here Thursday 16th December, when them all important winners from all the categories are announced.

Feel free to leave your messages and comments of support for your favourite blogs in any category below in our comment section. Go on, show them the love!


RaShelle Workman said...

Hey Dempsey - Totally voted for Hollywood Spy on this one. I AM going to check out the others, though. Thanks for putting them in the spotlight. =D

Dark-Blue-Jeans said...

Wow this is so hard this category Demps, seriously, three of them I like very much, Hollywood Spy, Movie Cafe and Cinemarvellous. So I am going to be a wimp in this and vote in secret ha ha, I really do like all three though, this category has to be the most exciting, and way cool poster like the rest of them btw.

Dark-Blue-Jeans said...

Oh and as you can leave messages of support can I say this.

Please vote Von Yvonne for sexiest female, I think she is such a star and she is so good looking. Also Angie and Chantale for Special Achievment as they put so much effort into their artwork.

Good luck all contenders

levian said...

there are truly so many movie blogs out there worth paying attention to! reading their blog make me feel like an amateur. :p i got a feeling that hollywood spy is more popular, or is it because i saw his comment here more often?

Unknown said...

They are all Gold medallists in my view, their nominations have supported their status. Now it's the process of finding a gem within a treasure chest, it's so difficult! >.<

No matter who aces it, I'll follow all 5 till the end. (I'll benefit from all the quality reads anw. AHA)

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Dark-Blue-Jeans, J-SON, thank you guys! :)

Gary Collinson said...

Hi, just wanted to say thanks to those who nominated / voted for us, to make the final five out of 237 blogs really is great and congratulations to all the winners!

DEZMOND said...

there were 237 blogs in the run for this category????? OMG, I thought there were maybe ten of us :)) This is amazing, Agent Sanders.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

This one's for all the marbles!

Unknown said...

I'm really interested to see who comes out on top in this category.