Sunday 12 December 2010

Award Buzz: Psst...The Words Out!

2 Days left to vote, it’s now or never to choose your favourite blogs in each award category. Today we have a double whammy of buzzes. Our first part brings you the nominees in Best Gossip and Best Sci-Fi. Which chatterbox's gossip do you mostly enjoy?

Nominees for Best Gossip 2010 are:

Jaccstev - Buzzes Café

The sister blog to Movie Café, and the place where you can hear the latest shouts in the movie world about upcoming features, Buzzes café has it all. Its editor and chief Jaccstev says ’I am a big fan of movies, love everything about it and want to be a part of it’.

Up for many awards this year with both Buzzes and Movie Café, Jaccstev has proved a favourite in the 2010 blog awards, so check out the latest buzz and if what you read hypes you up enough, return and give the café a vote.

Angie and Chantale - Cinema Obsessed

A haven, a sanctuary, a place of tranquillity for truly cinema obsessed individuals. If you haven’t checked them out before then what on earth have you been doing? Or in their words ‘WTF’!

This blog comes with not one, but two chatterboxes that are obsessed with the bargains at Wal-Mart with their marked down DVD’s and all the latest to hit the big screens.

So take a look, become one of their ‘cin-obs’, and if Angie and Chantale are your gossip queens, then swing back and give them your vote.

Dezmond - Hollywood Spy

Presenting the coolest of all the hottest movie and TV exclusives, Dezmond at Hollywood Spy finds it hard to ever keep his mouth shut, but we all love it. His daily posts spread the gossip on the world of entertainment for all his devoted followers to enjoy. He also puts on many polls and discussions for you to get involved in all sorts of gossip.

Sure to one day have his own TV show, the spy of Hollywood would love your vote and is definitely one blog to check out.

Nick Meece - Sequel Buzz

Because once is never enough, Nick over at Sequel Buzz likes to report all gossip on sequel rumours, sequels soon to be released, gossip on possible sequels, and sequels that never was.

His recent article on why the Superman Lives movie never made it past pre-production is just one of his recent buzz reports.

If you can never get enough of a franchise, and always looking out for possible sequels to your much loved movies then a visit to his site might give you the answers your looking for, and if it does why not award him with a vote.

Leo Porter - Shadowlocked

A late admission into the Movie411 Blog awards hasn’t stopped this site gaining many nominations in several categories. Editor and chief, Leo Porter brings you Shadowlocked, home of movie, TV and game news, competitions and tons of gossip. With many contributing writers including Luke Connolly who is up for our sexiest male award, this site has everything.

Shadowlocked is a monster of an entertainment news site, and is fully recommended for your reading pleasure. Impressed? Then give them your vote.

And that’s your nominees for best Gossip 2010.

Other Buzz: The Best Sci-Fi Movie Blog 2010

The award for best Sci-Fi had seen a late flourish of nominations in this category. At the beginning of the nominations round it looked like only two contenders, The Sci-Fi Blog and The Classic Sci-Fi Movies blog stood a chance in this award making it a two horse race. But not so fast…then come some even bigger players. Alex J Cavanaugh, editor of self titled blog and author of the most wanted Sci-Fi book around the Blogosphere- CassaStar, made a late entry and has proved to be a huge fan favourite. He is joined by two other mighty blogs who love and post frequently on the Sc-Fi genre, Gary Collinson at Flickering Myth , who is also up for our top Gold Award, and Shadowlocked, to whom again is up for several awards.

Just who will steal the prize? Check them out and decide who you will give the Sci-Fi vote too! Votes can be placed over on our voting page.

Our second part of todays Award Buzz, which includes Best Comedy will be posted later this evening, so be sure to come back.


DEZMOND said...

Ah, there are two of my favourite boys - Alex in SF world and Jaccsy in gossip world!

Thanks for the lovely photo, Agent Sanders, I promise I won't keep my mouth shut ;)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

And believe me, no one will be as stunned as I...

Go Dezz!

levian said...

just by reading your introduction, i find it difficult to pick one favorite out of the list!

Dempsey Sanders said...

@ Dez, I hope that mouth never shuts my friend.

@Alex We aim to stun ha ha.

@Levian I agree, it's a hard choice, I'm glad I'm not aloud to vote.

Unknown said...

I had a very hard time choosing just one... So many great blogs. Perhaps I should have invoked my notorious Chicago background and signed on to vote as a dead person. ;)

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Go Jaccsy! :)

Jaccstev said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jaccstev said...

Have so little time to spend in blogosphere this month but I'm glad seeing some magnificent supports from all my buddies and readers ;)
Thank you so much Demps for the excellent post and to Georgi and Dezmy, you're just awesome supportive friends ;)

Dempsey Sanders said...

@ Melissa ha ha, would of worked I guess.

@ Nebular ahhhh, good of you to support your friends buddy

@ Jaccstev your very welcome, and wish you all the best in the awards as you have some fantastic support too

Dark-Blue-Jeans said...

I think Dezmond deserves this the most, everytime I see Hollywood Spy he has always got new gossip so thats who I would say

DEZMOND said...

thanks, Dark Blue Jeans, stop by for a free drink over at my headquarters :)