Saturday 11 December 2010

Award Buzz: The New Kids On The Block!

We all know what it’s like starting your own new blog and gaining them all important followers and readers. Continuing with our award buzz, we now look at those ‘new kids on the block’ in the movie Blogosphere in the Best Newcomers category. Also you can meet our judges for the awards that are not up for public vote including The Special Achievement Award. Can I get a whoop whoop?

The nominees for Best Newcomer Award 2010 are:

‘Trick or Treat’ Pete - Deadly Serious

She died a long time ago and her blog is all that’s left of this gorgeous rotting girl. Her name is Petunia Scareum, though her friends - mostly victims, call her ‘Trick or Treat Pete’. With posts that include reviews on many genres including Horror, Sci Fi, Comic Book and Zombie, do you dare enter her world?

If you can pluck up the courage to view her site then I commend you, but be warned, she is not someone to be crossed lightly. And if you survive the encounter and live to tell the tale, a vote her way for your experience could stop her from haunting you.

May god be with you oh little one!

Sean - Movie Sense By Franchise Says So

A place for movie heads for a love of all genres. Reviews and discussion in abundance here.

Sean, a king among movie buffs likes to review movies that you don’t need a degree to understand. Aspiring to be a professional film critic, he aims to see everything from independent films to box office smashes, and from thrillers to romantic comedies.

Deciding to spend your money on a movie your not sure of? An opinion from our Sean can help you decide if a movie is worth it or is a complete waste of time.
Worth a gander and a vote why? Because Franchise Says So! Check him out readers, he’s worth the time.

Minoccio - Minoccio Movie Blog

The Minoccio movie blog is inspired from a love of films Minnocio and her husband share from senior year at college (ahhh damn it I need a tissue again). Always ever willing to learn the art of the entertainment industry, her blog wasn’t easy. She posts in English, and her native language is Russian, a task she undertook with her posts so she could better practice English which she does so well.

Her and her husbands combining effort brings you reviews on cinema classics as well as their views on the top movies of all time. A flawless design to her blog has grabbed her many nominations in the Best blog Design award too.

A blog that will touch the heart of any reader that loves the entertainment industry, Minoccio Movie Blog is a certain ‘must read‘. And if you fall in love with her work, a vote is surely worth her efforts.

Moonwalker - Radio, Pop, Action

Moonwalker - ‘a music nerd who loves pop culture’ writes many entertainment posts including news about the latest movies, music and star profiles .

Constantly updating on a daily basis, he displays all the gossip that many of the top sites don’t even know about yet. His commitment to his blog is amazing, aspiring to write for a pop culture magazine that will surely notice him soon, so before he gets snapped away by the big guns in the industry, follow him, read his work, give him them lovely comments you all do so well, and if you think he’s your best newcomer give him that all important vote too.

May the Force Be With You Moonwalker!

J-Son - Son:Sation

Look out fellow readers, we have a new Prince of Cool in our mists!

Not just a film fan, but also an avid film critic with a self-proclaimed witty pen and unique personality who has even tinkered with film-making fantasies, J-Son gives us Son:Sation, a Singapore blogazine with all the trimmings.

Bringing fun, appreciation and amiable ambience to the blogging of all things film, J-Son is fast becoming a much loved favourite. A certain one to watch our for in the 2011 Movie Blog Awards! His flawlessly designed blog (where were his nominations for best design people!) compliments many review posts on many genres in the movie blogoshere.
Sit down relax and enjoy the fun over at his side of the world, and if you get the son-SATION (see what I did there…uh huh!) then swing back and give him your vote.

I bow down to you oh formidable prince!

And that’s your nominees for Best Newcomer 2010, after visiting their site, you can vote for each nominee on our voting page.

Other Buzz:

You will have no doubt noticed by now that some of our awards are not up for the public vote….I know…How very dare we right? These awards include, Best Animation, Best Zombie and our most prestigious award…The Special Achievement Award 2010.

These awards are decided by a group of judges…well three, much like X-Factor would if they were doing a blog awards.
I have gathered the finest, including yours truly, who are un-biased, and love everything film.

Here are your judges:

Dempsey Sanders Bio

Owner of TheMovie411, and former model, Dempsey loves all things movie related. He really wants to find a blog worthy of a Special Achievement award, not only for displaying exceptional posts and reviews, but blogs that help other blogs and authors shine in the Blogosphere.

Kerry Maguire Bio

Keen animation lover, and author of Anime Me, Kerry shares a similar personality resembling Sharon Osbourne. She isn’t afraid of saying what she thinks, and if you piss her off she has a glass of water at the ready. She’s on the look out for that special animation blog.

Christian James Bio

Our handsome Christian, responsible for processing all the nominations this year, is on the look out for the Best Zombie Movie Blog. He writes for Hot Village, and a lot of the time he acts like a bit of a Zombie himself (he he). His favourite films include Resident Evil, 28 Days later and Night of The Living Dead.

And that’s your Buzz for today boys and girls. Tomorrow comes a double whammy of buzzes, including Best Gossip, Best Comedy, Best Sci-Fi awards and their nominees, paving the way for our top award, The Gold Movie Blog Award this Monday.

Please note, although you are free to leave comments on this post and support for your favourite blogs in the comment section, under no means will I allow comments putting any of the other blogs/sites in the awards that you may not be supporting under a 'bad light'. Comments as such will be swiftly removed.  Thank you.


Yvonne said...

"and a lot of the time he acts like a bit of a Zombie himself." hahahahahaha!

another entertaining award buzz, great post!

Unknown said...

What a trio of hot judges...Too sexy. :) Thanks to this site I have so many new blogs to check out, that the blog roll list on my own will be growing exponentially. Good luck to all the nominees.

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Demps, your award buzzes are just brilliant!

Wow, all the judges are true hotties! :)

DEZMOND said...

Oh, oh, the judges are some seriously gorgeous creatures! Glad I didn't have an interview in front of them, I don't think I'd be able to utter a single word ... :)

Dark-Blue-Jeans said...

phwooar at the judges!

Is that really you in that sailor outfit? wow!
Anyways...these buzzes are becomming the highlight of my day, so glad you have more than one tomorrow. Some great contenders there. Hard to choose. Lmao at your description of Deadly Serious though, must check her out.

Dempsey Sanders said...

@Von Yvonne thanks for your comment, and yes lol, Christian might just actually kill me for putting that ha ha.

@Melissa Bradly glad to know you have more blogs to look at now, and hope they follow yours too as I love it.

@Nebular, glad your enjoying them my friend, they are fun to write I must admit.

@Dezmond, I'd do an interview with you any day you hunk ha ha

@Dark Blue Jeans, yep thats really me, pic was taken last year he he

DEZMOND said...

it would have to be a speechless interview :)
Now, off I go to stare at your and Chris's pics for a few hours... (hope no one will arrest me for that)

Tanausú Vilches said...

Dempsey, I cannot thank you enough for all the hard work you are putting into these reviews. I really enjoy reading them and I deeply appreciate all of your support. I would like to wish luck to all of the other blogs in each category, it is really an honour just to be considered for this among such good quality blogs.
BTW Dempsey, your pics just keep getting better and better ;)

Yvonne said...

hahahaha i agree, it would be a speechless interview if it happens to me.

dont worry, you'll still look hot while being ripped by Chris who will also still be looking hot while ripping you. HAHAHA!

*staring at yours and Chris's pics with dezmond*

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Judge's photos remind me of those Dezz posts!

DEZMOND said...

I'm not just staring anymore, I'm also singing DROOL ME A RIVER by Justin Timberlake :)

oh, the force is spreading throughout the galaxy :)

Yvonne said...

HAHAHAHAHA DROOL ME A RIVER, you mean by dezmond?

Unknown said...

AHA. An extremely high degree of hotness is raising the temperature in this blogosphere. O.O

Unknown said...

whoop whoop! i really appreciate what you wrote. it was also great to find out a little something about the judges.