Monday 13 September 2010

Superman - Christopher Nolan Reboot 2012

It is now very well known that Christopher Nolan, the man who brought us Batman back to the big screens in a way we all loved and respected is now helming a new Superman movie reboot. Nolan will be ‘godfathering’ the movie (no doubt producing) in what is expected to be his brother, Jonathan Nolan, first Directing debut.
While fans are elated that Superman will be getting the ‘Dark Knight treatment’, the main question that surrounds the reboot is just who will now play the Man Of Steel?

It was announced in March 2010 that the Nolan brothers will be bringing us a Superman reboot. The subject of the movie arose when Christopher Nolan was talking to writer David Goyer about ideas for their sequel to the Dark Knight when conversation drifted off to the idea of how to approach a new Superman movie.
Chris Nolan stated…. “[David] basically told me, ‘I have this thought about how you would approach Superman…I immediately got it, loved it and thought: That is a way of approaching the story I’ve never seen before that makes it incredibly exciting. I wanted to get Emma and I involved in shepherding the project right away and getting it to the studio and getting it going in an exciting way.”

In true Nolan fashion, not much about this film has been given away, however some details, although very little have been shared about how to bring the character back to true form on the big screen by the Nolan’s……‘Superman needs a powerful antagonist, a worthy opponent and that the idea of evoking Superman as an ‘angry god’ seems interesting‘. ….. I’d say!

The lack of details hasn’t stopped movie fans speculating all over the internet on just who…and who they think should take on the role of the Man Of Steel, and what they would like/expect to see of the movie.

THE 411.....

Who will/should take on the role?

Brandon Routh

We ‘almost’ saw the franchise resurrected from the Christopher Reeve days of Superman with Bryan Singers Superman returns in 2006. The movie saw Brandon Routh take on the mantel of the famous DC character, and although the movie was a financial success, fans were disappointed claiming that it was too much of a homage towards Christopher Reeve and Richard Donner which didn’t go anywhere new, also WB had expected it to do better and disappointed with box office takings. The whole Son of Superman sub plot also sunk like a lead balloon!!!!!!!!!
Brandon Routh has stated eagerly that he would love to reprise his role in the new reboot, and many fans that liked the Singer movie and liked him as the character would love to see him back in his blue tights and red cape.
However although Nolan has indeed confirmed he will offer Routh a screen-test as he certainly looks the part, Nolan is worried that people will see it as a direct sequel to Superman Returns which many fans share his opinion. Also the Nolan’s want to portray alter ego Clark Kent as a Dynamic reporter rather than a unassuming bumbling klutz of the Richard Donner interpretation that Singer carried on.
As much as I personally loved Brandon Routh as the role, I don’t think he will don the Superman suit for this movie, which is unfortunate and a little unfair. He played Superman brilliantly, especially a Superman that fans of the Richard Donner and Christopher Reeve days we all knew and loved but them days have moved on and we are wanting so much more from this reboot.

Tom Welling

You only have to search on the internet for fan favourite to play Superman and this guy turns up every time! Tom Welling has portrayed Clark Kent/Superman for 10 years now in the very successful TV series of Smallville. Now fans are protesting for Nolan to finally let Welling portray Supes on the big screen. Welling has expressed interest in the role but has stated this….."I've always been open to the idea but it's not as simple as everybody would like to think. It's not as simple as me wanting to do it or not wanting to do it.
"I know that a lot of people jump on me or jump on Warner Bros - it's just not that simple and so there's a lot of elements that have to come together. I've always been open to it."
Now I’m a huge fan of Smallville, and there are millions of us, even if there is thousands that despise the show. Weather you love or hate Smallville, Tom Welling’s portrayal of the ‘Last Son Of Krypton’ is nothing short of fantastic! If you have watched this guy act this character for as long as I and Smallville watchers have you can’t help but gun for him to play the role on the big screen, I know I would really welcome it. However, this presents many problems!
Nolan will not want (and has confirmed), as will many fans, a big presentation of Smallville, or a direct TV to movie monologue (think Sex and the City) with this reboot. And I have to say, even though a fan of Smallville, its not what I want either! The Nolan’s want their own interpretation of the Superman story, and that’s what I’m most looking forward too after what they have done with the Batman franchise. Casting Tom Welling for the role (and indeed any other actors/actresses from Smallville) might confuse fans in thinking is this a reboot, or a TV too movie transcript.
I would love to see Welling cast as I do think he would be brilliant for the role, especially deserving a shot, but the problems it may create in Nolan’s universe can’t be ignored.

Jon Hamm

The most recent rumours and sources point towards Mad Men’s Jon Hamm considered for the title role by Warner Brothers. TMT’s sources state that Hamm is being ‘seriously considered’ for the role. Hamm had previously played arch nemesis Lex Luthor which had proven very popular in the Funny-or-die skit’. He was also considered for the role of Green Lantern in the upcoming movie of the same title now being played by Ryan Renolds.
A huge problem is that he is 39 years of age, and if WB want to make this a popular franchise again, which they obviously do, will this work?
My answer is NO, and I mean NOOOOO!…… HAVE A WORD WITH YOURSELF WB! As much as he may look the part now, by the time the release date of this movie, 2012, and its sequels being a few years in-between each other do we really think a grey haired…old-enough-to-be a-Grandad Superman will work? No disrespect to Jon Hamm, I like his work, but this is my least favourite choice and am hoping the rumours disperse faster than a speeding bullet!

Joe Manganiello

True Blood star Joe Manganiello has also been said to be campaigning for the role. The actor is 33 years of age, and although early 30’s rather than knocking on 40, it may present the same problems as what was previously stated with Jon Hamm. However this choice is interesting. The guy, if your not a follower of True Blood, isn’t that well known amongst many movie goers which proves popular for casting in this such role (both Reeve and Routh were both relatively unknown before Superman), and his physique as you can see pictured above, is quite ‘super’. Not knowing much of his acting abilities I did check him out on a few episodes of True Blood, and I must say I could really see him in the Superman role. He looks like he could leap a building in a single bound, and he can act…….so I’ll say again, the choice is interesting!

What do we expect from a Superman reboot?

I for one have complete faith in the Nolan’s for this reboot! Their movie projects are un-deniably brilliant and they know just how to tap into stories right. The now Batman franchise proves just how they can revive an iconic DC character, and for me this is my most anticipated movie in the next few years.

The Richard Donner and Christopher Reeve movies especially the original movie and its first sequel ( I won’t mention the disastrous Supes 3&4) are still loved and respected by me and many fans. But now we want Superman back and done right which is what Bryan Singer was unfortunately unable to do (although I will still state, minus the ‘Superboy’ element, really liked).
The problem with Superman Returns, is that they give, yet again the most powerful superhero the same villain, Lex Luthor. Now although Lex is a much loved villain, we kind of get bored really quick, he doesn’t evoke enough of a threat to show off all of Superman’s strength and powers, and seems sometimes easy too overcome. We want someone who could give the Man of Steel a run for his money!
Superman has a huge rogue gallery of villains which the big screen visions have never properly used other than Superman 2 with General Zod which is my favourite Superman movie. If Singer had used for instance Braniac along with Lex Luthor in Superman returns, or even Bizarro, maybe he would be back in the directing chair now. I also like fan and Smallville concept of making Lex Luthor friend at first rather than foe.
What we want is more action, this dude can fly and beam lasers from his eyes! So lets bring it on! And give us a superhero action epic! We demand a great villain, a great story, and the mythology of Superman done right and make us believe a man can really fly again! And on a personal note, please please no Superboy sub plot.

The expected release date for this movie is sometime in December 2012, although as it is early days that may and probably will change. The tentative title for this movie is at the moment ‘Superman: Man Of Steel’.
I will be continuously updating this story with any recent news on the movie as soon as it comes in!

Who would you like to see take the title role of Superman? What would you like to see in this reboot? Please leave your comments below!


Liam Preece said...

This is a brilliant post, the most news I have found on this reboot on the web, thank you. I agree with you, I would love to see Tom Welling play Superman, but not in a big adaption of Smallville way. Also Christopher Nolan has to use a major villain. It annoys me that WB keep f**king this character up. Bring on Zod and Bizzarro!

Dempsey Sanders said...

RE: Liam Preece

Thank you for your comment :)
I agree WB havnt been able to get this character right for a long time, lets just hope the Nolans get the most creative decisions

Ben Dawes said...

Do you think they will keep the Superman theme tune by John Williams???
And what do you think about using the villain Doomsday, that would be awesome!

Dempsey Sanders said...

Hey Ben thanks for your comment, and good question! I really do hope they use John Williams theme tune, its a iconic theme tune for this character. But I think thats all up in the air with this one, if its anything Nolan keeps the same from the original movies I hope its this.
As for Doomsday, I think it would be way too soon to bring a villain like that in, he afterall is responsible for the death of Superman in many comics and animated adaptions. Maybe in a future sequel but not yet.
Thanks again for your comment

Budd said...

I vote for Nick Cage to get the part. J/K!

Dempsey Sanders said...

ha ha Budd, I still cant believe Cage was attatched to Superman for so long, it would have been terrible

Moonwalker said...

What an interesting post! I have to say that, being a fan of the original movies as I am, I would love to see either Brandon Routh again in the role. As you said, he looks the part, has proven to have good acting abilities and hasn't done much more since, which makes him still relatively unknown for the masses (the only character you can relate him to is Superman indeed!). As far as Tom Welling is concerned, the Smallville confusion does seem possible, but on the other hand, after ten years he's earned the chance to play the character too. So, my vote would go to either one of these two or to cast an unknown. I really don't want to see a popular actor playing Superman, I want Superman on the big screen... and so would everybody else. And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let's hope they make it right this time... I'm sick and tired of everything getting the reboot treatment these days (hello Spiderman?).

Dempsey Sanders said...

I still can't believe there rebooting Spiderman, I know part 3 wasn't all that good, but to reboot a franchise that was raking it in? Somethings weird.
Anyway back to Superman, part of me is routing for Routh as it was just a poor script that let him down and not his acting, but again, I can't see Nolan going for him just because of him not wanting to make it look like a sequel to Superman Returns, who knows I guess. I still think I would prefer Welling though.

Christian James said...

I'm not sure Nolan will keep the John Williams theme tune, my theory is that he'll have a clip played while a character is flicking through the radio or some subtle nod towards it like that.

Personally, I think I'd like to see Tom Welling playing him on the big screen. Not simply due to the fact that I'm a Smallville fan, but because I think he played the character so well; torn between human and extra terrestrial, moral, etc I just think he needs to bulk up a bit.

Christian James said...

Furthermore, I will hereby kill myself if Nicholas Cage is anywhere near this movie. Anywhere near the set. If it was up to me he wouldn't even be in the same country it's filmed in.

Nicholas Cage has the acting ability of a lamp.

Dempsey Sanders said...

Thanks for your comments CJ, hope you don't mind me calling you that ;)
Agree Tom might need to bulk up for the role, but even though Superman in the comics is built like a brick sh*t house, movie and tv adaptions have never really opted for that look, why? i dnt know.
As for Nicolas Cage, fear not he will not or has NEVER been attatched the this reboot, he was just considered for A Superman movie before Bryan Singer did his Superman Returns

Unknown said...

Joe M from True Blood is an interesting choice. I agree with you about Tom Welling, he could present problems, though I am a Smallville fan. I think they might want to take the Superman look in a whole different direction. Why does looking the part have to be important? Muscles and presence are what counts when you get down to it. I think they should blow it up and try someone the complete opposite in looks to Reeve and Welling and Routh.

Unknown said...

I think Tahmoh Penikett, Helo from Battlestar Galactica, would make an excellent Superman.

Dempsey Sanders said...

RE: Melissa Bradley.
Thanks for your comment, Very interesting choice with Tahmoh, I havn't seen Battlestar Galactica, but he did play a really good role as Wes Keenan on the Smallville show and his acting is really good.

Mark Trehurn said...

Quite surprised you would be alright seeing Welling play the role, knowing you I would of thought you would be totally agaisnt it, didn't you used to boycott smallville? ha ha.

As much as I think Welling is good, like you say in your post way too many problems with it looking like a smallville adaption, but still wouln't mind him being cast.
As for Jon Hamm, lol, your harsh Dempsey-boy, im 39! But then again Im not playing superman, you have a point propably wouln't be best for the franchise.
Brandon Routh, PLEASE GOD NO! I didnt like the way they ripped off Chris Reeve and tried to make the film a carbon copy of him and donners version. Did Christian Bale copy Michael Keatons Batman, did he my arse! Superman Returns sucked big time! And so did everyone in it....other than Kevin Spacey who made a good Lex.
Joe Maglinio, yeah that sounds interesting!
Lex Luthor and Braniac for the story line. Braniac being the main antognist who opens a portal for Zod in the sequel!

levian said...

can't wait to catch the reboot! it is exciting just by imagining what christopher nolan can bring us. his batman was awesome n so entertaining. i doubt superman will be any less surprising! :)

Zezebel said...

I prefer that true blood actor. Hehehehe. Cannot wait to see who will be the new superman.

Unknown said...

I love Nolan, but to be honest Batman is probably my least favorite movie out of all of his movies. I mean it's still good, but I wish he spent more time working on movies like The Prestige and Inception than Batman and Superman.

Mandy said...

I found it rather jarring when they didn't continue with the series after Brandon Routh's incarnation. I thought that was a reboot?? *Sigh* I do like these things to be more consistent. Anyway, I think whatever they do, they should make it massive.

The problem I have is that Batman leant itself to darkness and cynicism. Wasn't Superman always so much more optimistic than that? Or am I simply influenced by the previous film attempts?

Cathy Pena said...

I am a huge fan of Superman. I have always wondered why they never made a sequel to Brandon Routh's as I sincerely believed it was a great movie, and Routh was perfect.

I like Jon Hamm but some roles require not just physical requirement but age requirements as well. Remember before Brandon, they seriously considered Nicolas Cage. Though I love him to pieces, he just didn't fit Superman or Clark Kent. It was a ridiculous idea. They toyed with Ian Somerhalder and Matt Bomer who both looked the part (especially Matt Bomer), but Brandon eventually landed the part. He was Godly as Superman, was my impression then.

Christopher Reeve will always be the quintessential Superman. he defined an era. But Routh succeeded to fill the "tights" gorgeously.

My wish - is Tom Welling would eventually wear the cape-and-suit before the TV series eventually closes shop. It may never happen though.

DEZMOND said...

I'd like Henry Cavill as Superman :) With IMMORTALS and COLD LIGHT OF DAY it would fit nicely in his biography.

Anonymous said...

When I heard that there was a Superman reboot in the works it thrilled me so that I shared my joy on facebook. the thought of Chris Nolan behind this project is AWESOME..what better man to over see this, I mean look at Batman, The best comic book adaptation since the Hero movie genre began. Bring justice to this man I cannot wait to read more on what the details are on the emergence of this reboot. SO HAPPY been waiting for this news for ages.

Anonymous said...

TOM TOM TOM PLS, because he has the looks and the youth to match the critique. And he has grown up over the years retaining his supes look.. Now he is ready to leave the farm and go the BIG SCREEN..Ps leave the flannel shirts at home.

Anonymous said...

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