Saturday 28 July 2012

The First Catwoman: Julie Newmar

In light of the smash hit The Dark Knight Rises and Anne Hathaway as the newest incarnation of the villainous Catwoman, I thought you all might a like stroll down memory lane with the elegant Julie Newmar, who first portrayed Catwoman on the old Batman television series from 1966-68. Here she is with Michael Yo, giving us some insights into working with Adam West and what she thinks of the new Nolan films.

I adored Julie as well as the equally marvelous Eartha Kitt. They both embodied the slinky, sexy gracefulness of Catwoman as she was originally imagined.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I remember her as Catwoman! (What boy growing up during that time didn't?) And Eartha Kitt was excellent in any role.

Maurice Mitchell said...

Eartha Kitt had the voice, but Julie Newmar had the attitude. Great reminder Melissa.

Unknown said...

@Alex Yes! I loved them both. They were fabulous in the part defined Catwoman for a generation. :)

@Maurice I agree. There was no mistaking Eartha's magnificent voice. And Julie certainly had that 'tude down cold.

FilmMattic said...

That's some interesting trivia! I did love Anne Hathaway's portrayal of Catwoman; a sexy, cunning, smart vixen who refused to accept the bleak fate of Gotham.

Craig Edwards said...

I quite enjoyed Anne Hathaway's take on the role - and she rocketed past a couple of the more recent options to land at 2nd or 3rd...still deciding on that one...But Julie Newmar still wins for me - because she was my first.

First Catwoman! Jeepers, what did you think I meant? ;)

Unknown said...

@Matt I loved Anne, too. She was truly a badass bitch. I hope the give her a film or two.

Glad you enjoyed the trivia. i had no idea about the gold belt or that it was in the Smithsonian.

@Craig I thought of you immediately when I came across this clip. Julie was fantastic as Catwoman and both and Eartha are still my two faves, though props to Anne for being a badass bitch and owning the role.

LOL Trying to make sure we keep our minds out of the sewer, there Mr. Edwards?