Wednesday 10 August 2011

Blasphemy: The Dirty Dancing Remake

Okay, I am about to lose millions of cool points here and reveal a dork soft side of my snarky personality, but I am so mad I could go postal. Lionsgate has announced plans to remake the iconic film Dirty Dancing. This is the movie that made Patrick Swayze a household name. However cheesy and over-the-top you may consider it, it's still a beloved classic and to even think about remaking it is heresy in my book. I don't care that the original choreographer, Kenny Ortega, is on board. He lost any respect from me when he went on to do those godawful High School Musical movies.

Who could possibly be as charismatic and as great a dancer as Patrick? That brooding Twilight wannabee Kenny Wormald from the nearly as heinous Footloose remake? Or what about Jennifer Grey's Baby? Do they think Julianne Hough, the paper doll who is co-starring in Footloose, would fit the bill?

This is sacrilege, I tell you, and I cannot even begin to describe how sad this makes me. This was the movie for me in high school. I don't even remember how many times I saw it with my friends. We'd pay for one show, then sneak out and go back in for the second showing at the old movie palace near my house. It was the first film I can ever remember my mom and I both liking. Since we're polar opposites, that's saying something.

I know some of you out there are laughing, going "jeez Mel, you have lost your damned mind. It's just a freakin' dance movie." I don't care. Patrick Swayze was one of my idols. I love him like I love Johnny Depp.

What do you think? Do you even care? Do you think I am the biggest nutcase loser ever?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I used to always poke fun at my wife about that movie and the "Nobody puts Baby in the corner" line. Then I finally watched it and it all made sense.
There is no reason on earth why they should remake this movie. They have really run out of ideas, haven't they?

Unknown said...

@Alex, oh my God did I ever hear it about that line from my guy friends. There is no reason they should remake this and you're right, they really have run out of original ideas.

Kalli said...

There is no reason for a remake! I'm annoyed with all the remakes that are happening right now. I agree with Alex and Melissa, they have run out of original ideas.

Tom said...


Craig Edwards said...

I went to see this at the theater in college - and not even with a girl! And I enjoyed it! I'm always not much on the remakes, so throw this one on the fire with the rest - this one is for you, MB, as the incredibly misbegotten Fright Night remake is for me. (Roddy McDowall's delightfully hammy actor/horror movie host is now a Las Vegas stage magician - the great David Tennant notwithstanding - REALLY?!?!) So I feel your pain sister, I feel your pain!

Mason Canyon said...

I agree completely - NO REMAKE. Dirty Dancing is a classic and should be left alone.

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thevoid99 said...

I'm not fond of the film only because it's been shown so many times. Yet, it does have some merit as a film and I know lots of people love this film (including Natalie Portman).

Why in the hell do we need a remake? Are we going to get that stupid Black Eyed Peas take on "The Time of My Life" in the soundtrack? This is absolutely wrong. No one will hold a candle to Patrick Swayze in that role. The casting in that film alone for this movie is perfect. Who in the hell are you going to get to play Jerry Orbach's characters?

Man, I hope this movie flops. In fact, I urge every fan of Dirty Dancing to sit out the remake in protest.

Jamie Gibbs said...

I've never seen the original Dirty Dancing (though my fiancee keeps trying to rectify that) and I'm not a fan of dance movies in general, so this remake doesn't really bother me. If I actually see the original it might make more sense, but right now they can carry on, 'cause I'm not going to watch it, hehe.

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

You know what, Mel - I love the original. Yes, it's a bit cheesy, but I thoroughly enjoyed both the romance and the dancing. I've seen it probably 10 times already and it still has a santimental value to me.
I'm curious about the remake - it will bring back many great memories to me :)

DEZMOND said...

well, since both Swayze and Gray were rather bad actors, I don't think anything can be ruined in the remake especially since the film is being helmed by the choreographer who made all those iconic dance routines from the original film :)

Unknown said...

@Kalli Thank you! All these remakes are terrible.

@Tom Thanks!

@Craig You rock! I think H-Wood needs to start working on more original material.

And yes, Roddy McDowell's performance was the best and it will never be repeated.

@Mason Thank you! A remake is terrible and pointless.

Unknown said...

@thevoid99 Thanks you! Jerry Orbach owned that role. There's just something about this movie that really should make untouchable for remake status.

@Jamie LOL! Well, you should listen to your fiancee and see it. :) I support her efforts.

@Nebular I'm glad you like the film, but it has a magic that cannot be repeated. There are no actors out there who could do the same thing.

@Dez Well, Patrick and Jennifer may not have been the best actors, but there was a certain magical quality for both them in this movie. :)

Kelly Polark said...

I agree. That is a classic, iconic movie. It's set in the 60's so no need to update it either.
Someone needs to put this remake in the corner.

Movies on my Mind said...

I have a bigger problem with the concept of endless remakes than what I do with the idea of remaking DIRTY DANCING.

Unknown said...

@Kelly LOL I agree. Put this remake in the corner.

@Movies I'm in agreement with you on the endless cycle of remakes that Hollywood keeps churning out. They need to stop and do more original material.

Eric said...

While my reasons differ from yours, I do agree with you. The only good reason to remake something is if it's a flop and neither of these fall into that category. Thankfully I'm sure these will fail miserably just like every other stupid idea those lunkheads in Hollywood come up with.

msmariah said...

I like Patrick Swayze, but even he can't redeem that film. I can't believe they made the film once, let alone twice.

Unknown said...

@Eric I agree with your remake litmus test. Only if it's a flop should it be remade, I mean otherwise what is the point?

@msmariah LOL I know, I know this is not one of my better film loves, but I do love Patrick and well, I got sucked in. ;)